Meet The Readers Of Poetry Night In Beijing, This Sunday At The Bookworm

Top: Peter Behr, Stephen Nashef, Edward Ragg; Bottom: Emily Stranger, Yuan Yang
Last month we made an open call for poets to participate in a curated community event at the Bookworm Literary Festival, and the response was exceptional. Please consider this our official thank you to all who answered. The curators of Poetry Night in Beijing -- Canaan Morse, Helen Wing and Eleanor Goodman -- read nearly 200 poems before finally (painstakingly) choosing five writers whose works resonated with them in style and substance. Read more »

The KMT And CCP: Continuities In 20th Century China

KMT and CCP - Licentiate's Ledger featured image
In Taiwan, it is hard to get away from the image of Sun Yat-sen, the leader of the Xinhai Revolution and one of the key figures in the history of the Guomindang (KMT): his portrait is on the money, in schools, museums, and a host of other public places. He is also the only KMT figure to be officially honored in the Chinese Communist Party’s narrative of 20th century Chinese history, and even has his own memorial in Nanjing. The narrative of the CCP’s triumph over the KMT needs Sun’s legacy to fit events in Chinese history into a Marxist framework. Read more »

Banner Over Beijing Mall Counts “Time Since Losing Contact” With Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370

Malaysia Flight MH370 clock
Those who live and work around Chaoyangmen in Beijing have noticed a recent addition to the neighborhood. Above the Burger King at U-Town Mall, a huge purple banner has been erected that reads, in Chinese, "Time Since Losing Contact," a reference to the number of hours that have passed since the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370. Read more »

Beijing vs. Guangdong: CBA Semis Game 4 Live Blog From Wukesong

Beijing Ducks vs Guangdong Southern Tigers featured image 2
Nick Bedard of Basketball Buddha is courtside on press row at MasterCard Center, aka Wukesong, for tonight's Game 4 clash between the Beijing Ducks (23-11 regular season, No. 4 in standings) and Guangdong Southern Tigers (30-4, No. 1). Thanks to an epic performance from Stephen Marbury on Saturday in an overtime win, Beijing currently has a 2 games to 1 lead in this best three-out-of-five series. We now join our regularly scheduled Bedard in progress. Read more »

Pandas, Vibrators, And Bai Ling: The 4th Annual That’s Shanghai Erotic Fiction Competition

That's Shanghai Erotic Fiction contest
It’s not just every night that I walk into Glamour Bar and hear someone talking about figs mixing with the juices from their crotch. Well, all right, pretty much any time that I went I could hear that, but it’s too expensive for my nightly apertif. Still, an old friend was in town and wanted to meet there, and after all, it was only five minutes from my office, so I found myself at 3 on the Bund listening to all of the erotic fictions that Shanghai -- and even one from Beijing -- has to offer. Read more »

Ahead Of “Blogging China” Bookworm Literary Festival Event, Here’s Alec Ash On Why He Blogs

the Anthill logo
This piece is republished with permission from the Anthill ~ On Tuesday the 18th, 8pm at the Bookworm [Ed's note: the event, originally planned for iQiYi, sold out that venue, so it's been moved to the Bookworm; more tickets are now available!], I'm on the panel for Blogging China, part of the Bookworm literary festival. It should be a free ranging discussion of English language blogs about China, hosted by Anthony Tao from Beijing Cream, with Mia Li from Sinosphere, Tao Stein, and Jeremy Goldkorn. Read more »

Top-of-the-Week Links: Malaysia Airlines Flight MH 370, Xi Jinping’s salary is $20,000 per year, and Global Times asks, “Is your pet gay?”

Pray God miracles do happen
As some of you may know, I'm moderating a blogging event with Jeremy Goldkorn, Alec Ash, Mia Li, and Tao Stein on March 18. We've just received word that, due to demand, the venue has changed from iQiyi to The Bookworm. We'll have more information about this later in the week. For now, links. Read more »

Stephon Marbury Scores 43 Against Archrival Guangdong, Beijing On Cusp Of CBA Finals

Stephon Marbury Beijing Ducks vs Guangdong 2
Stephon Marbury may have turned in his finest CBA performance -- and it came against the best team in the league, the defending CBA champion Guangdong Southern Tigers. With his head bandaged for the last four minutes of the fourth quarter and through overtime -- the result of a gash sustained during one of his trademark drives to the basket -- the 37-year-old finished Saturday night with 43 points on 13-for-20 shooting (including 4-for-8 from behind the arc). Read more »

Taxi App “Shakes The Foundation Of China’s One-Party Rule,” Says The Guardian

The Guardian headline featured image
A Guardian sub-editor overdosed on caffeine while writing the headline to a humdrum taxi-app story. How else to explain this? China's one-party rule has survived market reforms, the killing of students, Wukan, and Bo Xilai. But it currently quakes at its foundations because you damn people can't stop using Didi Dache and Kuaidi Dache. Read more »

Japanese Reporter Attends NPC With Different Hair Statement Every Year

Japanese reporter at NPC 2
Thought the Oscars and the 12th National People’s Congress had nothing in common? Think again. This week, as movie stars were making fashion headlines at the biggest film event in the world, a Japanese reporter at the NPC drew attention for his NPC-themed hairstyle. For five years in a row, this reporter has arrived at the NPC with new -- and relevant -- designs etched into his hair. Read more »

Hutong Art Space Presents Group Exhibition: “Hermeneutics Of A Room”

Born in 1983, Camille Ayme pursues a body of work evolving around the components of the modern city. Her 2010 collaboration on the TV series Skins in New York led her to rethink the notions of characters, sets and fictions.
Among the hundreds of galleries in Beijing, Intelligentsia Gallery is quite unusual in its interactive approach to exhibitions. Created as a room of sorts, it regularly gathers the works of painters, sculptures and photographers into a shared space that enables visitors to interact with the art. This March, it is presenting a group exhibition titled Hermeneutics of a Room. Featured artists include Meng Zhigang, Simona Rota, Matjaž Tančič, James Ronner and Camille Ayme. Read more »