Mid-Week Links: “Successful laowai” of Shanghai, Vancouver’s “ultra-rich Asian girls” get a reality show, and “Chocolate City”

Hong Kong Tiananmen vigil 2014
Record crowd for Hong Kong’s Tiananmen vigil, via SCMP

We put most of the Tiananmen stories in its separate links post, so here are the rest.

Africans marrying in a Guangzhou district dubbed “Chocolate City.” “The relationship with Africa that China has so aggressively courted for economic gain – 2012 saw a record US$198 billion of trade between the pair – is producing an unexpected return: the mainland’s first mixed-race generation with blood from a distant continent and the right to be Chinese.” (SCMP)

China comes to LA. “China’s Huading Film Awards, a People’s Choice-type prize voted on annually by an estimated 80 million Chinese moviegoers, held its 12th ceremony in Hollywood’s Ricardo Montalbán Theatre, bringing a major Chinese movie awards show to the U.S. for what is believed to be the first time.” (WSJ)

Gaokao. “A secondary school teacher from Shaanxi province brutally beaten by a group of senior students agreed not to report the incident to the police so they could sit the upcoming gaokao or national university entrance exam, a local newspaper reported.” (SCMP)

That’s nice. “A Shanghai woman who was freed last Friday – two months after she was abducted from a Malaysian diving resort – returned to Shanghai yesterday. // Gao Huayun, 29, took a China Eastern Airlines flight yesterday morning, accompanied by workers from the China Embassy in Malaysia. She has reunited with her family and was reported staying in a hotel room with her parents, according to xinmin.cn.” (Shanghai Daily)

“Successful laowai” interlude, via Shanghaiist:


“Naked models at Foshan restaurant opening confuse, delight [NSFW].” (Shanghaiist)

“That Chinese Passport Story Sure Looks Like a Hoax.” (Kotaku)

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt in Shanghai. (Hollywood Reporter)

“She’ll Be Right Mate: Survey Says Australians Warming to China.” (WSJ)

“Ultra Rich Asian Girls of Vancouver: The Latest Vancouver Reality Show.” (Vancity Buzz)

“How Japanese AV Idol Sora Aoi Sells on China Social Media.” (China Internet Watch)

“You Know That You’ve Been Living in China Too Long When…” (Linda Living in China)

Finally, finally…

Pig leaps to freedom, via Shanghaiist:

Pig jumps to freedom

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