Following Press Conference, Reporters Race To Steal A Drink From New Chinese Premier’s Bottled Water

Stealing Li Keqiang's water
We’ve read enough stories about Li Keqiang’s inaugural press conference as premier, and there’s not much more that can be said. But apparently what happened after he spoke may be more interesting. After Li and the other vice premiers left the venue, many reporters rushed to the stage to snatch up pencils and papers used... Read more » Read more »

Foreigner At Sanya Airport Loses It, Gets Progressively Deranged In The Face Of Reason, Makes Mockery Of Chinese Language

Sanya Airport foreinger featured image
These are the worst type of stories. The. Worst. What we have is a foreigner (laowai) and Chinese person arguing at Sanya Airport in Hainan province. (What is it with Sanya? We saw another foreigner and Chinese person tussle earlier.) The foreigner, wearing a fannypack, accuses the Chinese of cursing and "beating" him. The Chinese guy, presumably the one filming, posts this nationalistic tripe on Youku (a video that's been viewed 225,000 times in the last 11 hours): Read more »

Drunken Man Shocked To Find Passersby Return The 10,000 Yuan He Threw Away

Good Guy Greg finds 10000 rmb on the ground
We’ve seen people behaving poorly upon finding wads of cash floating in the wind. This is the obverse of that type of story. In Shanghai on Saturday morning, a drunken man threw 10,000 yuan ($1,608) into the air at the intersection of Gonghexin and Baode roads, according to Shanghai Daily, reason unknown (repeat: he was drunk).... Read more » Read more »

Skyping From North Korea: Here’s What It Looks Like

Skype from North Korea
It was only last month that North Korea decided it would allow visiting foreigners to surf the Internet, tweet, and Skype from mobile devices. As AP reported: Koryolink, a joint venture between Korea Post & Telecommunications Corporation and Egypt's Orascom Telecom Media and Technology Holding SAE, informed foreign residents in Pyongyang on Friday that it will launch a third generation, or 3G, mobile Internet service no later than March 1. Read more »

“Most Expensive Car Accident In History” Leaves Netizens Aghast And Laughing

Most expensive car accident terrible photoshop
A Lamborghini is worth more than a mega gazillion bucks. A Rolls-Royce is worth a bajillion trillion dinero. Crash one into another, and you have at least one insurance company with one ginormous honker of a headache. In Chongqing's Nanbin Road a few days ago, a Lamborghini was spotted stalled with its nose buried in the back bumper of a Rolls Royce. Read more »

Saying Goodbye To China’s 64-Year-Old Ministry Of Railways

Ministry of Railway
The Ministry of Railways (MOR) is as old as New China, having been in operation since October 1949. But on March 10, toward the construction of a newer China at the 12th National People’s Congress, the government announced a series of reforms and reconstructions, which included the decision to dissolve outdated ministries. The Ministry of... Read more » Read more »

Did CCTV Buy Out Taiwanese Actor Peter Ho, Among Others, To Publish Weibo Post Criticizing Apple?

Peter Ho Sina Weibo
Peter Ho, a popular Taiwanese-American actor and singer, is successful and rich enough that he probably doesn’t need to supplement his income by selling out favors to companies like CCTV, but then how would you explain this? Check out the bottom message, posted on Sina Weibo just after 8:30 pm, according to SCMP. Pay especially... Read more » Read more »

Sky Correspondent Politely Detained Either Because Of Credential Problems Or For Mentioning The 1989 Tiananmen Crackdown

Sky News detained at Tiananmen 1
Sky News correspondent Mark Stone and cameraman Andy Portch were pre-recording a clip on Tiananmen Square on Friday morning for a piece about China's leadership transition when a police officer asked them to stop. "According to a Sky News spokeswoman, police told the pair they were detained because they were not properly displaying their press accreditation badges," according to the Guardian. Read more »

Another Pack Of Chengguan Assaults Another Vendor, This Time In Xiamen

Xiamen chengguan beat vendor featured image
You can sigh a million times, but until this country reforms its chengguan system, which allows urban management officers to lord over small business owners and street vendors with their misappropriated authority, videos like this will continue to surface. On March 9, according to China Daily, a street vendor in Gulangyu, a scenic island off Xiamen, Fujian province, was knocked to the ground and kicked by a pack of chengguan. Read more »

Friday Night Musical Outro: SMZB – Screaming For The Silent Masses

SMZB - Scream for Life
Anyways, time to celebrate, Beijing Creamsicles. St. Patrick's Day is on Sunday, and there's no better way to get prepped for it than cranking up the above viddy. What you're watching up there is Wuhan heavyweights SMZB, bar room heroes every last one of them, kicking out one of their most famous jams, "Scream for Life," to a hometown crowd at something called the Southlake Music Festival back in 2007. Read more »

The Beijinger’s 10th Annual Reader Restaurant Awards: Basically Unnoteworthy, But Thanks For The Free Beer!

The Beijinger 10th Annual Reader Restaurant Awards
One thing I learned about getting invited to a the Beijinger awards ceremony is you first have to leave Beijing. During my four-year tenure here, I never received an invite. Just three months after I made the move to Hangzhou, I was chosen to be an official nominator. Sure, why not. Months later, as an... Read more » Read more »

Young Woman Beaten For Refusing To Offer Her Seat To An Elder

Bus passenger Zhengzhou fight girl elder featured image
One of China's traditional virtues, which we're constantly reminded of by automated messages on buses and subway trains, is to respect the elderly. In the context of public transportation, this means offering your seat. When you don't, the above is liable to happen. In Zhengzhou, Henan Province on March 10, reportedly on the No. 89 bus, a young girl was beaten for refusing to offer her seat. Read more »

Shanghai Locals Dump Water On Rowdy Foreign Bargoers On Yongkang Road

Water thrown on Shanghai partiers
The trivial and madcap escapades of drunken expats rarely rise to the level of serious news, the kind that might be featured on, oh, the Telegraph. But recently, a standoff between locals in Shanghai and foreign revelers on the popular bar street Yongkang Road escalated to such heights that the Telegraph's Tom Phillips reported on it in an article headlined, "Shanghai residents declare war on drunken expats." Read more »