16 Dead Of H7N9 In China As Authorities Realize You Can Get Disease Without Exposure To Poultry

Red feather H7N9 bird flu
China has confirmed 14 new cases of H7N9 bird flu, bringing the total to 77, according to Xinhua, with 16 reported deaths. The virus keeps getting more evolved, too. (Or something?) Beijing’s second case of H7N9 was a carrier who displayed no symptoms: this boy of four years old. The latest, via Reuters, is equally... Read more » Read more »

Here’s The Final Sina Weibo Post By Lu Lingzi, The Third Victim In The Boston Marathon Bombing

Lu Lingzi final Sina Weibo post - my wonderful breakfast
In a Sina Weibo post dated April 15, 9 am Eastern Time, Lu Lingzi, a graduate student at Boston University, published a photo of Chinese fried bread under a simple line of English: my wonderful breakfast! It would be her final post. Less than six hours later, she would be near the finish line of... Read more » Read more »

3-Year-Old British Boy Killed By Falling Screen In Shanghai Restaurant [UPDATE]

Restaurant in Shanghai where 3-year-old British boy killed by falling screen
Police are investigating how a three-year-old boy could have been killed by a falling screen in a restaurant in Shanghai’s downtown Huangpu District on Monday. According to Shanghai Daily, “Witnesses said the boy may have accidentally touched the screen before it fell on him. Screens are sometimes used by restaurants to divide dining areas.” The boy... Read more » Read more »

Man Falls From 5th Floor Of Burning Building In Beijing As Onlookers Watch In Horror (Video)

Beijing man hangs off building on fire, falls 3
A residential building fire on Monday near Yuegezhuang Bridge in Beijing forced one particularly desperate man scurrying out of his fifth-floor window and onto a very thin ledge, where he held on for several white-knuckle minutes. Then, at the 5:07 mark of the above video, he falls — simply falls. People gasp, then scream. Throughout all this, a woman behind the camera can clearly be heard asking, “What’s to be done?” Read more »

Shocking Hit-And-Run In Northeast China As Cop Car Speeds Away From Scene

Cop police hit and run accident in Liaoning featured image
Policemen aren't supposed to flee from crime scenes. On March 31 in Liaoning province, a cop, driving on the wrong side of the road, plowed into a pedestrian on Fuxin Mongolian Autonomous County Ring Road, as seen above on just-released footage from a dashboard camera. The police vehicle accelerated, sirens on, away from the accident. Read more »

BBC Actually Aired This? John Sweeney’s Unethical, Horrible North Korea Hack Job

John Sweeney on his North Korea trip
Just about anyone not holding a select diplomatic or South Korean passport can travel to North Korea. All it takes is money, which you give to a tour agency. They’ll even take you to the countryside if that’s what you’re after. It’s only the hucksters who try to dress up their North Korean trip as... Read more » Read more »

Chinese Grad Student From Shenyang Is Third Boston Marathon Bombing Victim [UPDATE]

Boston Marathon bombing aftermath
Martin Richard, Krystle Campbell, and an as-yet unidentified Chinese national, whose family has requested anonymity, according to Xinhua, are the three killed at the Boston Marathon. Reports are that the third victim was a graduate student at Boston University, came from Shenyang, Liaoning province, and was a graduate of Beijing Institute of Technology. The deceased was... Read more » Read more »

Old Men In Beijing Park Give The Wackiest Interpretative Gangnam Dance We’ve Ever Seen

Weird Gangnam Style in Beijing park
We've seen our share of Gangnam Style dances and remixes, from the good to the bad to the political to the Ai Weiwei, but nothing quite as weird as this. Our friends over at That's Beijing tweeted the above video, titled "Beijing Dancer (Mr. Fabulous)." It was uploaded to YouTube on Sunday by Michaeljava, who writes: Read more »

Here’s North Korean Children Swearing Their Lives To Kim Jong-un

North Korean children swearing their lives for Kim Jong-un
Indoctrination sucks, and if you needed proof, watch this clip from North Korean TV showing a reported 18,423 children at a medal ceremony in Pyongyang paying obeisance to their country and Kim Jong-un. According to the Youku video description, the highest honors are reserved for those standing in the front rows: they're the ones who have volunteered to become suicide bombers in case of a war with the US. Read more »

238 Pigs And 89 Dogs “Suddenly Dead” In Chinese Village [UPDATE]

Dead pigs in Luoyang, Henan province
This is alarming. According to Nandu.com, 238 dead pigs and 89 dead dogs were found in Dongtun village in Luoyang, Henan province yesterday. By all accounts, they died suddenly and at the same time. Initial tests have ruled out the H7N9 virus as a cause. Thank goodness for that and all, to know the zombie apocalypse... Read more » Read more »

Kids Do The Fightiest Things

Taiwan kids fight brawl
Three separate incidents involving underaged fighters drew a collective 93,000 views on Youku this week. Check out the last video, in which rocks are introduced by a third party and the combatants, as if in Hunger Games, momentarily ponder whether they want this escalation. Read more »

Explosion Rocks Boston Marathon, Chinese Netizens Watch (On Youku)

Police officers run with their guns drawn as they hear the second explosion down the street. (John Tlumacki/Globe Staff)
In the worst bombing on US soil since 9/11, three are dead and more than 100 are injured after two blasts ripped through a crowd at the finish line of the Boston Marathon on an otherwise perfect day. You'll find updating coverage everywhere at this moment, led by the Boston Globe and Gawker, so we'll spare the words here. Just a little China angle though, via Reuters: Read more »

Kobe Bryant’s Legion Of Chinese Basketball Fans Flood Social Media To Wish Him Well

Kobe Bryant injury
On Friday, the Los Angeles Lakers’ torturous season suffered another calamity when star guard Kobe Bryant tore his Achilles tendon, ending one of his most impressive statistical seasons on a down note. Though the 34-year-old Bryant has his detractors, his work ethic and ability to battle through injuries are legendary, moving opposing fans and Lakers... Read more » Read more »

Cute Two-Headed Pig Born In China

Two headed pig in China
On the morning of April 9, a sow in Jiujiang, Jiangxi province gave birth to a dozen piglets, including this one with two heads. The adorable youngling is reportedly 28 centimeters long and weights 1 kilogram. Don't get too attached though, because it's not expected to live long. Those with polycephaly don't usually survive to adulthood. The pig is owned by a villager surnamed Ouyang, who hopefully thinks better of giving it a water funeral. Read more »

Dramatic Video Shows People Jumping Out Of Windows To Escape Deadly Fire In Central China

Fire in Xiangyang hotel 1
A major fire yesterday morning has killed at least 14 in Xiangyang, Hubei province, with another 47 injured. Shanghai Daily reports that the blaze started at 6 am on Sunday from an Internet cafe before spreading to a nearby hotel. An employee said that 42 of the hotel's 50 rooms were occupied at the time. He said some guests were saved by firefighters while other managed to escape by themselves. Read more »

North Korean Situation “A Tragedy,” Psy Says Before Performing His Newest Single, “Gentleman”

Psy - Gentleman
Psy unveiled his newest single, "Gentleman," at midnight on Thursday, then christened it on Saturday at a solo concert at Seoul's World Cup stadium in front of 50,000 fans. That should tell you exactly how worried the people of South Korea are about its neighbor's threats, and offers more context for the phrase "heightened tension." Before the concert, Psy, i.e. Park Jae-sang, was asked about the situation on the Korean peninsula. Read more »