Three Shots With… Sophie Cooke, Scottish Novelist

Beijing Cream Three Shots With Sophie Cooke
Welcome to Three Shots with Beijing Cream, where local personalities spill their beans 1.5 fluid ounces at a time. Produced and directed by Gabriel Clermont and Anthony Tao. Our guests this week aren't local per se, but Beijing honararies by virtue of their attendance at last month's Bookworm International Literary Festival. Writers from around the world converged on the Bookworm from March 8 to 22, but two were intrepid enough to plant themselves in front of our cameras' uncomfortably hot lights to field ridiculous, droll questions such as, "What is your favorite bar game?" Read more »

Neil Robinson Has Been Captured In Beijing, Will Be Handed Over To UK Police [UPDATE]

Neil Robinson captured in Beijing
Neil Robinson, 47, of Staines in Surrey, England, who has been wanted since 2002 for the distribution of underage porn and child rape, was detained by Beijing police early yesterday, according to Beijing News (which proceeds to ask many of the questions we've posed, and calls for increased background checks on foreign teachers). Read more »

Friday Night Musical Outro: Double Shot Of Li Daiguo

Li Daiguo
With all the festivals and hoopla and blah, blah, blah going on, this might be flying under your radar. It shouldn't. You should go. And you've got two chances on it so don't mess it up! So yeah. Tonight at Temple and tomorrow night at Zajia Lab, the good-time punks of Genjing Records are hosting record release concerts for their latest release, Music for Advertisements by Li Daiguo. That's him in the video. Read more »

Taiyuan Zookeepers Dress Up As Animals To Conduct Wacky, Furry Drill

Taiyuan Zoo training 1
It’s only natural for zookeepers to worry about caged animals getting loose. What is fairly obviously not normal, however, is having humans don animal suits to simulate this scenario, for “training” purposes. These pictures were taken recently from Taiyuan Zoo in Shanxi province. Look at this one: there’s a guy in a white lab coat... Read more » Read more »

Neil Robinson, That Alleged English-Teaching Rapist Fucker

Neil Robinson, alleged child rapist, teaching kids in Beijing
This fuckface. This fucking piece of shit is the new frog-eyed creepy rapist avatar for every foreign English teacher in China. I fucking hate him. As a reformed Catholic, I reserve vast reservoirs of contempt and genuine vitriol for authority figures who abuse their power at the expense of children. With all of my private and... Read more » Read more »

Chef Mistakes Pesticide For Sauce, Kills 1 And Leaves 20 Sick

Poison sauce
A chef’s carelessness has left one dead and 20 sick, including two in critical condition. Xinhua reports that a cook in Inner Mongolia mistakenly used pesticide, identified as carbofuran, instead of edible and non-poisonous sauce while whipping up lunch on Tuesday. Those who ingested it were migrant workers working on the Beijing-Tibet Expressway expansion project in Baotou, employed... Read more » Read more »

Boston Carjack Victim, A Chinese Entrepreneur, Describes Harrowing Encounter With Tsarnaev Brothers

Last Thursday at 11 pm, a 26-year-old Chinese man parked his new Mercedes on Brighton Avenue. What happened next, we'll let the Boston Globe tell it. A man in dark clothes got out [of an old sedan that swerved behind him] and approached the passenger window. It was nearly 11 p.m. last Thursday. The man rapped on the glass, speaking quickly. Danny, unable to hear him, lowered the window -- and the man reached an arm through, unlocked the door, and climbed in, brandishing a silver handgun. Read more »

Chinagog: What “Chinese With Mike” Does Wrong, And What It Does Right

Chinagog - Chinese with Mike
So I just stumbled across Chinese with Mike. I can’t decide if this gentleman is the worst Chinese teacher since my boss forced my coworkers and I to learn “Tianmimi,” or the best Chinese teacher ever, like a mullet-enhanced Dashan. He certainly holds my interest as a Chinese language learner, and that’s half the battle.... Read more » Read more »

Tragedy Politicized: Xinjiang Violence Used As Diplomatic Fodder, Already

Xinjiang violence
A mere two days after 21 were killed in violent attacks in Bachu county, Kashgar, including six police and six ethnic Uighurs, Beijing has politicized the incident, using it to call out the United States for failing to condemn the attacks as "terrorism." Reuters: But the U.S. State Department on Wednesday merely expressed regret at the loss of life and urged China to "provide all Chinese citizens, including Uighurs, the due process protections to which they're entitled." Read more »

Here Are The Stand-Up Comedy Finalists From The Beijing Improv Festival

Sherwin Jiang
The Stand-up Showcase portion of the Beijing Improv Festival took place this past Friday. Here's my takeaway after watching the five finalists: It turns out that there's an honest-to-goodness, thriving stand-up scene in Beijing. If you're a closeted comedy nerd who'll only risk coming out to see live shows in Beijing when big name comics fly in from the States, I hate to break it to you, but Louis CK isn't walking back onto that stage anytime soon. Why not try to get a laugh on at one of the many local venues in Beijing that host regular stand-up nights? Read more »

Are Dams Exacerbating Earthquakes In Sichuan? Authorities Aren’t Considering The Possibility

Sichuan earthquake victims hold banner saying officials don't care
On April 20, a 6.6-magnitude earthquake struck Lushan in Sichuan, 160 km southwest of the provincial capital of Chengdu. While much smaller than the 8.0-magnitude (125 times more severe) quake that hit the region in 2008, Xinhua reports that there are 192 dead and more than 11,000 injured. Sichuan is no stranger to earthquakes. Since records began there... Read more » Read more »

Watch: Cars And People On Fire After Accident In Beijing, Possibly Caused By Dueling Audis

Burning car in Beijing 3
A collision between three vehicles on Linglong Road in Beijing on Monday evening resulted in rolling fireballs that consumed four cars, resulting in five injuries. According to eyewitnesses, two Audis -- an A5 and A6 -- were "dueling" with one another on the road (or driving with a grudge, as it were). That might not mean street racing per se, but a degree of recklessness is implied. The A6 lost control first and rammed into another car, and the ensuing flames would engulf a fourth vehicle. Read more »