Friday Night Musical Outro: Rural Wedding Show

Rural Wedding Show featured image
Welp. T.G.I.F., Beijing Creampies, it's Friday and you know what that means: more musical obscura from Youku to wind down the work week and ring in the weekend. Real special video this week. Real next-level shit. What we've got here is a new experimental psychedelic four-piece coming out of the countryside, currently tearing up the weibo with their fresh, free-form mix of Eastern and Western instrumentation and Influences. Read more »

Now They’re Throwing Dead Ducks, Thousands Of Them, Into The River

Dead rubber duck
As if 16,000 ducking pigs in the river wasn’t enough of a prodigious ducking fact, Danwei tells us more than a thousand dead fucks have now been found in a Chinese river. The front page of the Tianfu Morning News (天府早报) from Sichuan province today reports that on the afternoon of 19 March, more than a thousand dead ducks were... Read more » Read more »

More Than 16,000 Dead Pigs In Shanghai River; And Now Here’s Jay Leno With Jokes

Jay Leno featured image
“Well,” says the at the 4-minute mark of his opening monologue, “it seems the number of dead pigs found floating in a river in Shanghai has now risen to over 13,000.” An Angry Birds joke follows, which is lame. “Chinese officials said the dead pigs won’t affect the quality of drinking water in the river,” he... Read more » Read more »

Chengguan Killed In Line Of Duty After Being Struck By Hoe [Graphic Video]

Chengguan struck and killed featured image
A chengguan in Yingshan, Hubei province was killed in the line of duty last Saturday after he was struck in the head by a hoe. On March 16, squad leader Duan Jinyin, 34, was reportedly leading a team in stopping an illegal construction when he was attacked. It happens at the start of the above video (discretion is advised). All it took was a single blow to knock him unconscious. He spent four days in the hospital before being pronounced dead. Read more »

David Beckham, Global Soccer Ambassador, Arrives In Beijing

David Beckham in Beijing
David Beckham, China's first ambassador for soccer, arrived in Beijing on Wednesday morning to a, well, David Beckham welcome. Fans waited for hours for him to arrive to Shijia Hutong Primary School, where he played soccer in dress shoes and a butoned up shirt. He also kicked the ball around at the FC Guo'an practice facility. The above video is him arriving at the scene. Read more »

Expat Blues And Its Musical Cure: Frank Turner

Frank Turner featured image
Normal expat whining is grating and graceless, but let’s face it: it has its roots in something that we can all identify with. China takes a lot out of you, demands a lot of you at times. Sure, there are those skating by with an absurd income-to-work ratio, people to whom China is a paid vacation punctuated by occasional encounters with the indigenous people who for some reason haven’t learned to speak English. But in any expat experience, there are certain unavoidable facts of life: you’re often out of your comfort zone, ostracized or just generally unable to make things happen. Read more »

At Least 8 Dead As Egg-Sized Hail, Like “Stone Rain,” Pummels Southern China [UPDATE]

Dongguan hail damage
A freak hailstorm swept through southern China last night, hitting Fujian, Hunan and Guangdong provinces, but the place that got it worst was the city of Dongguan, Guangdong, where preliminary reports say at least eight people have died and 136 injured. According to SCMP, "maximum wind speeds were recorded at 49.1 metres a second, and the greatest precipitation of rain was recorded at 40.6mm in Dalingshan." Read more »

North Korean Girl Spins With Vase On Her Head, Impressively, For 45 Seconds

North Korea girl spins vase on head featured image
Viewed over 40,000 times on Youku in the last three days, this video of a cute North Korean performer spinning for nearly 45 seconds with a vase on her head. The jaw-dropping part starts at the 1:45 mark. You couldn't do this. North Korea's known for these type of performances -- at the very least, English-language writers have commented on it before. Read more »

This Is The Saddest Fucking Panda

Lanzhou panda
The Sina Weibo user who posted this picture, @哥不一搬3285043987, appears to have absonded from social media, but he/she thinks this giant panda in Lanzhou, Gansu province is dying because the zoo can’t feed it. The post: Lanzhou City Zoo’s panda is the world’s saddest panda. Thin and dirty. So hungry it can’t even walk. Supervisors... Read more » Read more »

Chinese teen poisons parents for nagging him about gaming, and now they’re dead

The East is Read
The gaming world in the virtual sphere is filled with life and death, but without real consequences for those who engage in cockamamie strategies. In the real world, a carelessly laid out and executed plan can mean actual death, whose consequence is 15 years in prison, or, as People’s Daily put it, “a lifetime of... Read more » Read more »