See Hong Kong As It Was Meant To Be Seen: Vertically

Vertical Hong Kong featured image
Without a doubt, Hong Kong is a vertically oriented city, with vertiginous towers built upon mountains and hills and other daunting inclines. Which is why we're happy to encounter graphic artist/photographer Romain Jacquet-Lagrèze's rendering of the city in "Vertical Horizon," a project that strives to see Hong Kong as measly mortals must. Read more »

What Kind Of Asian Are You?

What kind of Asian are you featured image
Via YouTube as part of its comedy week, here's "What kind of Asian are you?," co-directed by David Neptune and Ken Tanaka. An enthusiastic jogger finds herself sucked into a conversation with a very white and very American fellow jogger. Joking and misunderstading ensue... before payback. Read more »

A Different Type Of Elevator Kills Another Man In China

A Different Type Of Elevator Kills Another Man In China featured image
Another elevator accident in China, but this one involving a lift of a different variety. A 23-year-old waiter was crushed to death by a "food elevator" in a Suzhou restaurant on Saturday, reports Shanghai Daily. The food elevator smashed his head as he poked his head into the shaft to check. He was jammed in the gap and people around him called the police immediately. The waiter was pronounced dead upon arrival at the hospital. Read more »

Xinjiang’s Deputy Governor Holds A Somewhat Simplistic Notion Of His Region’s Ethnic Minority

Spirit and the Noble Savage
This would be a rather chuckle-worthy lede from Reuters if it didn't cause us to sigh so loudly: Ethnic minority people in China's Xinjiang are far more fond of dancing, singing and being good hosts than making trouble, a top official said on Tuesday, dismissing the idea that the far western region is a hotbed of unrest. The official who said it was the autonomous region's deputy governor, Shi Dagang, who was addressing reporters from Beijing (and not, obviously, thinking his comments would become the laughingstock of the greater media world). Read more »

1,177 Tons Of Fish Dead Of Oxygen Deprivation Near Yunnan Hydroelectric Dam

Dead fish in Yunnan tilapia hypoxia
Thousands of fish have been dredged out of a reservoir near Sinan River Power Station, a hydroelectric dam in Yunnan province. How many thousands? Whatever 1,177 tons comes out to -- about half a million, give or take many thousand. The deaths began on May 20, according to Yunnan Net. Five days later, 1,177 tons of fish, mostly tilapia, were dead, including 3.6 million fry. The economic losses are estimated at 13 million yuan. Read more »

Baby Flushed Down Toilet, Survives After Getting Caught In Pipe [UPDATE]

Baby rescued from toilet
This Shanghai Daily article is just slightly jaw-dropping: Police are searching for a woman who flushed her newborn boy down the toilet in a dormitory building on Saturday afternoon in Pujiang County, Zhejiang Province, local media reported today. The baby, however, got stuck in the L-shaped pipe and his cry alerted other tenants in the building. Firefighters arrived after receiving a call and spent two hours to saw off the pipe to free the baby. Read more »

Two Bros Rap Delightfully In “We Livin In Xi’an”

We know laowai song-and-dance videos are passe -- thanks, Jesse Appel, et al. -- but the effort in this latest one is simply too rich to ignore. Matt Sheehan -- who you recognize around these parts as the China Eastern airport rumble writer -- teamed up with his friend Matt Allen to write, direct, shoot, and produce "We Livin in Xi'an," and the result is a perfectly outlandlish little paean to the capital of Shaanxi province, and perhaps the foreigner experience in China. Read more »

Hospital Strikes Back: “Surgical Mask Gang” Beats Up Bereaved Relatives Of Deceased

Maoming Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital fight featured image
The facts behind this video are unverified, but people on social media are claiming that a gang of hired goons was recently released on the relatives of a deceased patient at Maoming Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital in Maoming, Guangdong province. It's not clear exactly what grievance, if any, the patient's relatives are filing (or trying to), or what set off the fracas (fists start flying at the 50-second mark, after a chaotic buildup with lots of shoving). Read more »

Old Man Attacks University Student For Not Offering Her Bus Seat

Old man fights young woman for not giving up her seat on the bus
Oh geez, more adventures on buses. In Suzhou, Jiangsu province on Saturday morning, an old man began striking and kicking a young woman he felt should have given him her seat. Of course it's traditional in China for passengers to offer their seats for elders -- we are constantly reminded of this via prerecorded messages on public transit -- but why was this one particular girl singled out? Read more »

Old Man In Tianjin Causes Multi-Vehicle Accident After Grabbing The Driver Of A Moving Bus

Old man grabs bus driver causes accident featured image
An 83-year-old man was riding bus No. 606 in Tianjin on the morning of May 22 when he missed his stop. Instead of doing what normal people might, which is to get off at the next stop and backtrack, he threw a massive fit, lost control, and berated the bus driver, "I didn't see you stop at all!" And then the old man seized the driver by the shoulder while the bus was still moving -- something no one should do. Read more »

France Crushes China In International Mahjong Competition, Jet Lag To Blame?

Europeans dominate mahjong
The French won gold, silver, and bronze at the European Mahjong Association's French MCR Championship in Toulouse, France on May 18-19. Italians finished fourth and fifth. A Dutch player finished sixth. The Chinese, who invented mahjong, only had two players place in the top 13 -- Yang Zhang and Cao Lihua finished 7th and 8th, respectively. What gives? Read more »

Chinese Teenager Publicly Shamed After Vandalizing Ancient Egyptian Artifact

Ancient Luxor Temple defaced by Chinese tourist vandal
If you're going to deface an ancient artifact in Luxor, Egypt, it's best not to use your real name. That's the lesson we're learning from the Ding Jinhao incident. A microblogger named Shen, visiting the Luxor Temple earlier this month, noticed Chinese characters scribbled over a sandstone relic alongside hieroglyphics. Mortified, Shen posted a picture of this vandalism onto Sina Weibo, where it went viral. Netizens were furious, claiming the incident was a "loss of face" for the Chinese, according to China Daily. Read more »

The “Finish” Of The Boston Marathon Yielded This Fantastic Picture

Boston Marathon flags
They finished the Boston Marathon on Saturday as thousands of runners completed a one-mile run at Kenmore Square, along Boylston Street. This great idea was made doubly so by the display of solidarity above, with runners holding flags to honor the victims of the bombing on April 15. The Chinese flag, of course, is for Lu Lingzi. Read more »

How Is Ai Weiwei’s Musicality? We Asked Chinese Music Experts

Ai Weiwei Dumbass
By now, you’re probably familiar with Ai Weiwei’s “Dumbass," the Beijing-born artist-cum-activist’s widely-publicized collaborative heavy metal music video with Zuoxiao Zuzhou that was unveiled last week to promote the pair’s upcoming full-length effort, The Divine Comedy. Directed by well-known Australian cinematographer Christopher Doyle -- you may recognize his work with Zhang Yimou and Wong Kar-Wai -- the highly-polished video offers a surrealistic interpretation of the 81 days that Ai, 55, reportedly spent in detention in mid-2011 for tax evasion Read more »