Which Parts Of The US Tweet “Chink” (And Other Hateful Words) Most Often?

Geography of Hate - chink
Dr. Monica Stephens, a professor at Humboldt State University, has created a series of maps that illustrate which areas of the United States are most likely to send tweets with certain hateful words. It's called Geography of Hate, and here's how it works: The data behind this map is based on every geocoded tweet in the United States from June 2012 - April 2013 containing one of the 'hate words'. Read more »

Foreigner Secretly Filmed Losing His Mind At Bus Driver In Chengdu

Foreigner berates bus driver in Chengdu
We all know the feeling of losing our cool, but how many of us know the misfortune of having a meltdown secretly filmed and uploaded to Youku, where it gets 390,000 views in half a day? Check out the above, which happened recently in Chengdu, according to the Youku description. A foreigner, because he almost misses a bus, begins cursing at the bus driver in up to three languages, while everyone else watches in silence. Read more »

Chinagog: Finding The Right Teaching Environment

Chinagog - Finding the Right Teaching Environment
One of the most common questions I see posted on TEFL forums is whether X school in Z province is a decent place to work. There are ways to ensure that you aren’t walking into an educational Sarlacc pit by emailing current staff and properly vetting your contract. Still, there’s a good chance your first job will be in a shitty private language center — and there’s actually nothing wrong with that. But before we see why, a quick aside. Read more »

Chinese Boss Calls For Helicopter Delivery On Golf Course, Because He Can

Big boss orders wonton delivered via helicopter to golf course
A very rich man on a golf course reportedly had a helicopter deliver him a bowl of wontons during the middle of play, just because he could. And he was really hungry, probably. As told by environmental celebrity Huang Xiaoshan on his Weibo and relayed by Guangzhou Daily, Huang and a friend were playing golf on a course near Xiaotangshan in Beijing when they saw a helicopter fly overhead and land. The man who ordered the take-out was apparently the boss of a big company -- a company that owns helicopters, it appears. Read more »

Light Punishment Comes Down On Shanghai’s Highway Urinators, Netizens Not Happy

Six laowai take a leak in Shanghai
Remember the above? The picture appeared on Sina Weibo in March, with the accompanying message: A group of laowai collectively pee on a Shanghai overpass, while smirking! Can only say __ doesn’t have national boundaries! Please fill in the blank! The incident was investigated, with police eventually saying no punishment would come to the foreigners due to a lack of relevant laws. Read more »

Joe Biden, In Commencement Speech, Says The Chinese Can’t “Think Different,” Plus Other Regrettable Things

Biden at UPenn commencement
Winsome goof Joe Biden, giving a commencement address at the Ivy League's University of Pennsylvania on May 13, delivered a few China barbs that probably shouldn't have come from a US vice president. "It was a humiliating experience," Chinese citizen Zhang Tianpu, a graduating Wharton senior, told SCMP. "And how can a graduation speech be this political?" Read more »

Chengdu Police Bring Down Knife-Wielding Child Kidnapper

Police fight knife wielder in Chengdu featured image
In Chengdu yesterday, a man with a knife reportedly kidnapped a child in Jinniu District. Cops quickly arrived on the scene -- specifically, Weng Hailin and Lu Mingjian -- setting up a dramatic confrontation, part of which you can watch above. According to the Jinniu Public Security Bureau, Weng was stabbed in the left arm, severing artery. The knife-wielder was eventually subdued with the help of surrounding residents. Read more »

The Daily Show On Nanjing’s “Mystery Goo”

The Daily Show on the Nanjing ooze
"Things may be bad, but at least our streets don't burp mystery goo," says Jon Stewart, referring to the ooze that randomly appeared one day out of a street crack in Nanjing. We asked you to come up with guesses for what it can be. "Bird shit and Bisquick," Stewart says. "Corn starch and Foxocnn worker tears." The audience was slightly aghast at that last suggestion. Read more »

“We Live In A Country Without Dreams,” Says Chinese Businessman Signed Up For One-Way Trip To Mars

Mars One
Ma Qiang, a 39-year-old businessman, was among the earliest volunteers for the Mars One project, a one-way trip to the Red Planet with no scheduled return. He sparked a wave of Chinese applicants, to the point that only the US has more willing volunteers for this Netherlands project, and that, in turn, has authorities worried. Read more »

Here’s Ai Weiwei’s Music Video For “Dumbass,” About His Prison Experience

Ai Weiwei in prison video - Dumbass
Ai Weiwei's 81 days in detention in 2011 is the inspiration for his latest work, "Dumbass," a song he wrote with music by rocker/artist Zuoxiao Zuzhou. The accompanying video was released minutes ago, in which he recreates scenes from his imprisonment. "He also portrays fantasies he imagines flitting through the guards’ minds," reports the NY Times. The cinematography is by Christopher Doyle, who has worked with the likes of Wong Kar-wai. Read more »

Another Airport Skirmish, This Time In Shenzhen

Shenzhen airport skirmish featured image
Fun fact: three of the stories we’ve posted in the past two days have been from Shenzhen. It’s where Alicia and I happened to be this weekend (for Ultimate Frisbee), and on Sunday we attempted to fly back. Attempted and succeeded — but barely. A separate Shenzhen-to-Beijing airline ended up being delayed until 2 am, while our flight was only set back two hours, to 11 pm. (To the best of my knowledge, it wasn’t because of bomb threats.) Read more »

Another Public Pooper Caught On Camera In Shenzhen Subway

Shenzhen Subway pooper caught on tape
Yes, we too are beginning to suffer from scat fatigue, but... meh. We sort of have a theme going, and it'd be a shame to neglect it. This one comes via The Nanfang: A picture of a woman pooping on a platform in a station along Shenzhen’s Luobao Line has already been forwarded by three respected, Shenzhen-based microblogs: Shenzhen’s Big and Small Issues, Shenzhen Metropolitan Round-up, and Baoan Life. Read more »