Foreigner Loses His Mind, Begins Attacking Random People On The Street Before Fleeing From Those Who Confront Him [UPDATE]

In Guilin, Guangxi Autonomous Region yesterday around 10:30 am, a foreigner who is initially identified as “a black man… dressed completely in jet-black” was filmed attacking random people at Wenchang Bridge. The Youku description (video embedded after the jump) tells us that an “approximately 80-year-old, white-haired elderly woman was picked up by him and thrown to the ground.” You can see it in the video just past the one-minute mark, and yeah, it looks terrible. A Chinese man then appears from the bottom of the screen and intercepts this man. The foreigner flees and is chased, while others come out of the woodwork to kick him as he flies past.

Netizens at first assumed he was African, but according to this writeup via GLTVS, a journalist learned from police that he’s actually a 51-year-old from France. (African/European misbehaving on tape… hmm, where have we seen this before?) The man is currently in police custody; the reasons for his behavior are as yet unknown.

Here’s a good peek at what he looks like, via a Guilin message board:

Update, 1:55 pm: GLTVS article, translated in part (errors are mine):

By the time this journalist arrived at the scene, police had already rushed over and taken the offender away. Although the crowd that had gathered had largely dispersed, those who lingered were still extremely upset about what just transpired. One resident told this journalist about the entire affair:

Eyewitness: I was coming from over there when I saw a black-haired, very dark man cut off someone to have a word. And then here comes a man, an old man, almost 60 years old, [the foreigner] presses him to the bridge, ready to throw him in the river, and then the [old man] runs away. After he’s run away, [the foreigner] stands there, there’s no one, and by that point someone had already called 110 [the police].

But while cops were coming over, this foreigner would carry out yet another act of violence.

Eyewitness: “At this time, someone dialed 110, and here comes another woman, so then [he] grabs this woman and also slaps her and also pulls on her clothes, ripped her clothes from behind, beat her from the front, in total might have attacked six or seven people like this. ([Question] How much time passed?) Time eh? Almost half an hour. In this half an hour, here comes another woman dressed in red, and then the man standing on the bridge nearly tears the clothes right off this woman, and then this woman tears her clothes off and runs away. Afterwards, here comes an old person, it’s a woman, maybe seventy, eighty years old, [the foreigner] seizes this old woman, grabs her by the head, like this, kuangdang [an onomatopoeia to describe things falling] there she goes.”

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    1. bert

      Yep, outside so “lets beat him!” Local? “Well, he might have some connections.”

      He probably cracked under all that racism he had to deal with on a daily basis.

      China. The land with no mirrors.

      • moisemetellus

        I won’t deny that there is racism in China but black men do the same in London, Paris, NYC, Toronto, etc!
        They certainly don’t need racism to act in this way! PLEASE chinese people DO NOT SWALLOW THE LIE that africans have the right to do whatever they want because of of chinese “racism”! Make black people understand that NO NO NO the chinese will not accept that you behave like you do in Europe where you can burn down city centers and harass people with immunity!
        CHINA : BEWARE OF THE LIARS! By their very nature the westerners you have in your midst are cosmopolitan internationalists who pretty HATE the idea of people in their own countries having precedence with foreigners. Do NOT listen to those fools who are happy to let black men terrify them in their own countries. They think this is is fine and they hope for the same thing to happen everywhwre in the world.
        NEVER swallow the racism excuse! This black foreigner is in china probably because he’s getting some economic benefit from it. The chinese are racists ? Maybe but that is NOT an excuse for a black man to take it out on the chinese who are at home! If the black man’s not happy he can just go back home, to France, since France is now an african country.

          • moisemetellus

            that’s pretty much my take on it.
            as Chinese people you are AT HOME so it’s normal that you ask more respect and a better behavior from foreigners, just like in any family house, the family kids and the neighbor’s kids aren’t held to the same standard! foreigners who cause trouble : OUT! dont listen to cosmopolitan internationalist idiots who will say “well why don’t we also kick out the chinese who make trouble??”. As a foreigner you hav different rights and duties than as a local. I expect foreigners to be treated well but foreigners MUST respect locals. Blacks especially need to be shown that no this is NOT London, this is not Paris, you can’t just do your usual bullshit in china. The chinese did NOT enslave blacksa for 400 years or whatever so fuckoff with the usual whining from blacks about racism etc

    2. mik

      I’m french, and that’s not a real french guy. That guy may have french paper, but genetic is not papers.
      Black guys (and arabs) do the same shit in france. They attack randomly white people…

      • Laurent

        Unfortunately this kind of agressive and mad attitude is more and more fequent in Europe. It always comes from the african origin person – which we call “Racailles” (scum) – and this one is unfortunately not an isolated case. In France such an agression would grant him, a severe admonesty and nothing more. Some kind of “do it again please”. We all hope China’s justice will apply real justice to him.
        And btw you may keep him as long as you want, we’ve got enough of them here.

    3. RealFrench

      This guy is what we call in France a “gros nez” and if he pretends to be French he is not and he will never be so. His ancestor were living and jumping in trees 2 centuries ago, so please don’t be fooled by his passport.

      Real French behave.

    4. Alexander

      How was this dirt bag even allowed to come into china ??
      I’m used to see that in France every day, but please, china, don’t allow more pieces of shit like that to step on your soil.
      Don’t become like France.

    5. nicolas

      we have many like that. they tend to “loose their mind” pretty often at people who are not like them.

      if this person indeed holds a french passport, i hope that he is doubly condemned for having abused french generosity of granting him papers.

    6. El zorro

      if it was taking place in France, the citizen would would have wanted to punish this barbarian would have been sent to jail and this guy sent free with all kind of excuses by our judges.
      France “justice” system is rotten to the core.

    7. Tirelire

      i am french, a real french (european type not fucking african).
      this is a real shame for us to see that this scum is called by people of other country “a french”, because he is not !

      i agree with other commentary : death penalty for this shit !

    8. ralph

      the bad guy is in no way a French he and his fellows we cause the same problems in France
      you were right to strike and put him in jail or return the china but please pa in France we have already too much on it no longer wants
      In any case, congratulations for the reactions of people in the street

    9. Georges SALSA

      Bravo les Chinois ! Well done Chinese guys ! In France we cannot fight back a pig-agressor like this paper-Frenchman : the rotten justice system would sue you for brutality and racist behavior ! Do not allow your justice to be “Frenchified” !

    10. Roland

      This African Foreigner didn’t lost his mind, it’s the usual behave of black men : agressive, uneducated and racist. He probably agressed random chinese citizen for the unique reason that they was chinese origin. It’s a crime, hope justice will be done as it deserves.

    11. fabrice

      Hello, I am ashamed that this monkey is appeller FRENCH(FRENCHMAN,FRENCH PEOPLE), he(it) have only papers the name francais. Francais is European and white and you Chinese not made not the mixture. A White french man.

    12. Anonymous

      I’m glad the Chinese are being culturally enriched by this beautiful display of diversity in action. China should import millions more of these subhuman pavement apes so their civilization can be destroyed just like ours too. No really, this is great, it’s about time. Accept dievershitty China, know our pain!

    13. Anonymous

      ”’Multicultural Enrichment”’

      ”Multiculturalism, antifascism and antiracism arised from concentrated leftist hate of the euro-american culture, nations and society. This hate wants completely change Europe into a multicultural melting pot without traditional nations and with depraved leftist way of thinking.”

      ”This hate always hides itself into phrases about love, tolerance, beautiful diversity.. which makes it more destructive and malicious, because naive people believe in it.”

      ”’The Cannibal Warlords of Liberia (Full Length Documentary)”’

      ”VICE travels to West Africa to rummage through the messy remains of a country ravaged by 14 years of civil war. Despite the United Nation’s eventual intervention, most of Liberia’s young people continue to live in abject poverty, surrounded by filth, drug addiction, and teenage prostitution. The former child soldiers who were forced into war have been left to fend for themselves, the murderous warlords who once led them in cannibalistic rampages have taken up as so-called community leaders, and new militias are lying in wait for the opportunity to reclaim their country from a government they rightly mistrust.”

      ”’Hood Life Volume 3 Full Movie”’

      ”nigger isint even a strong enough word. Im serious. I want to skin these animals alive, and pour salt and battery acid on thier bare flesh.? As the burning singes the nerves id gouge thier eyes out with rusted, dull knife. After they are dead i will air dry thier bones and grind them into power and make chalk out of it. With aformentioned chalk i will write “I HATE NIGGERS” on thier tombstones (if they could afford them).” – Youtube top-rated comment on this vid

      ”’Working Man’s Death – Lions”’

      ”We take a glimpse inside the bloody and frenetic activity of the Port Harcourt meat market in Nigeria.”

      ”’The Lesson of Haiti”’

      ”Dr. William Luther Pierce”

    14. fred

      he is not french he is africain: we have 15% of african and arabs muslims in france and it is catastrophic
      tha asiatics (less than 5%) are respectfull and in general never make trouble with french because they respect the cpountry who welcome them

    15. Alexander

      FDESOUCHE readers are mostly not racists. Just concerned french people who know that their country is about to disappear because of population replacement (massive immigration and foreign birth which then become “french”.. if only they were respecting France, but most of them don’t).
      Yes, some commentators of this website are talking badly about chinese too. But comments are free and not moderated. It happens. I know that some chinese don’t like foreigners too, but i will not take it personnaly just because of that.
      I respect chinese patriotism, even envy it. Cause you have the right to defend yourself against foreign threats, coming from outside or inside. French people don’t have this right anymore.
      If it was the case, websites like would not need to exist.

      People like BAISEFDESOUCHE are either scumbags like the one from this article,or french traitors, which I think is worse. Nothing can be worse than a traitor who hate his own people and think that an invasion, even if it’s not a military one, is normal.

      So be aware of this kind of people in your own country. They represenst a bigger danger than just few scumbags that you have still the right to give a lesson, like here.

      Never allow any excuse when such things happens. Or it will become worse every years, and scumbags coming here will almost be immune from justice like in France, where car drivers and normal people are more afraid of the police than criminal immigrants, with french papers or not.


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