Female Gamers Fight In Internet Bar, Results In Nip Slip

What’s most impressive about this fight, by far, is that it manages to draw the attention of the other gamers at this Internet bar. These guys are fazed by nothing. Nothing? How about a NIPPLE? Did someone say NIPPLE?

SFW, mostly.

Gamer fight with nip slip 2

    6 Responses to “Female Gamers Fight In Internet Bar, Results In Nip Slip”

    1. bag-o-dicks

      That’s wank bank material for a good month for those wangba diaosi.

      Hell, I’d probably have cranked one off myself if Anthony had managed to russle up a decent uncensored version.

      • terroir

        The two ladies were very considerate to walk forward into the cameraman’s line of view.

        The lighting is better out front rather than behind the banks of computers.


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