Wife Issues Massive Public Beatdown To Husband’s Suspected Mistress

Beats up mistress on street 3

A furious woman delivered a bona fide whopping to a younger girl on the streets of Wuxi, Jiangsu province on August 29 around 8 pm. Hug China has this story via China Daily:

Witness say the younger woman beaten up is the xiaosan (the third person), or mistress of the husband of the elder woman.

Was there any doubt?

“Beat you to death, You prostitute!” The elder woman was heard shouting at the younger.

“It is of his free will”, the younger was heard saying.

An age-old question in these cases: is it the fault of the mistress, or the husband? Who should the wife blame? We see more of them blaming the female, that’s for sure, probably because they can. And yes, these beatdowns are sometimes caught on tape — though not this Wuxi one, which is weird considering how many people were watching:

Beats up mistress on street 2

All those people watching. Just some free Thursday night entertainment.

Also, it’s unclear to us why the wife is missing her pants, but maybe that’s just how she rolls:

Beats up mistress on street

Chinese woman savagely beats up alleged xiaosan of her husband on the street of Wuxi (Hug China)

    5 Responses to “Wife Issues Massive Public Beatdown To Husband’s Suspected Mistress”

    1. KalanStar

      Beating up this girl… getting your clothes ripped off… ripping off her clothes, for what? To keep a man who f*cks around behind your back? Result: Face saved, modesty and respect lost. Pretty stupid if you ask me…

    2. Markoff

      she is beating the wrong person, the mistress doesn’t have much to do with her, she may even not be aware of some wife, but I guess that’s what you can expect from chinese gold diggers going after money, who will rather beat mistress than their ATM

      • benji

        China, along with other Asian countries, have had a (very)long tradition and history of multi mates for those who can afford same (men only). Muslims officially can have 4 (at a time). Powerful Europeans & South Americans practised the same today. Its sad that Chinese women have to make a fool and spectacle of themselves, venting their anger at the Xiaosun by physically assaulting them in public. Its a well known fact that the great revered helmsman himself is a prolific swordsman. So, suck it up, or do a Wedi Deng – get a geriatic multi gerzillionaire who cant get it up anymore, put in the requisite pending time, and sue for $$$$$$$$$$$$$$. If the pug faced Wendi can do it, so can you !!! Why waste time beating up some Xiaosun ?


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