Chinese Fire Drill? Nah, Just A Fight In Zhongguancun

Have you tried driving through Zhongguancun? Your temper would flare, too.

We’re not sure exactly what caused these two men to step out of their vehicles and fight, but in that traffic jam, we don’t blame either of them.

This happened last Tuesday at Zhongguancun, Beijing’s electronics district.

    2 Responses to “Chinese Fire Drill? Nah, Just A Fight In Zhongguancun”

    1. benji

      So typical – in a society where might is right, what does one expect. Fight when you feel like, defecate at will, etc etc.

    2. terroir

      What happened at the one minute mark? Did the cameraman dive for cover?

      It’s a bad sign when traffic is so bad that you have time to duck out and have a quick dustoff. Maybe it’ll become the new “yoga” during rush hour.


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