Woman Goes Topless To Fight Police Officer In Dalian Spa

Human beings. We are capable of appreciating art and music, and splitting food bills between multiple people, and maybe even someday flying to Mars.

We are also fully capable of acting as stupid as a lizard, like this woman here.

Surnamed Zhao, she and a friend wanted to stay the night at a spa in Dalian, Liaoning province, but when her friend’s ID was rejected, Zhao somewhat blew up.

First she punched an attendant, and when cops were called, she laid in front of the elevator doors — not wise, considering the safety record of elevators here — and refused to move. Officers dragged her out, and that’s when she took off her clothes, and… yeah, that accomplished nothing.

Ms. Zhao then accused the cops of sexually harrassing her, but, well, we can see the video, can’t we? No one believed her.

At 1 am, the woman’s older brother arrived and proved, um, just as crazy.

Human beings.

(H/T Shanghaiist)

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