Chengguan Are Now Brawling With Soldiers (Maybe)

According to the video description, as brought to us by chinaSMACK, urban management officers in Qingdao, Shandong province attempted to demolish the guard room of a “military compound” on the afternoon of September 4. They were met with resistance, as guards and — reportedly, though this is disputed — actual soldiers came out looking for — and getting; this part is not disputed — a fight.

Of course, facts in this case are unverified; we can’t be sure that the building being razed actually belongs to the military. Maybe paramilitary? Maybe an equivalent of the highway patrol, or coast guard? Not sure. But as one netizen deadpanned: “Chengguan are stronger than the military.” That’s not technically true, but considering the power these chengguan wield — and the numbers in which they roll — it sure sometimes seems like it.

    2 Responses to “Chengguan Are Now Brawling With Soldiers (Maybe)”

    1. James

      Not the army. It’s a residential compound for armed police. When it’s the army, there are armed guards out front 24/7 and this would have resulted in some fairly hilarious gunning down of chengguan.

      • benji

        One of the off repeated jokes in the Peoples’ Republic is that the Diaoyu & other territory in dispute with the “Little Japan” would be expeditiously resolved, if the Chengguan is delegated the tasks of reclaiming said Islands instead of the timid PLA, given the formers’ fearlessness and effectiveness in enforcing “rightfulness” of the “Peoples’ interest”.


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