Father Attacks Nurses After They Improperly Give IV Drip To Son

This is slightly dated, from July 31, but worth sharing anyway. The setup: a father in Kunming takes his feverish son to the hospital to get an IV drip, only to be told twice that the nurses’ attempts were unsuccessful. Infuriated, the father berates the nurses while the small child is carried by his grandmother. One of the nurses appears to say something while the family is walking out the door, and that’s when the grandmother begins jawing. The father reappears in the doorway, and it’s on. Youku video for those in China after the jump.

    4 Responses to “Father Attacks Nurses After They Improperly Give IV Drip To Son”

    1. Brett Hunan

      I don’t know whatht enews team was watching, but in the video I just watched the nurse attacked the father and then he returned the favor.

      Are you kidding, can a nurse be allowed to flip a table and throw something at a customer?

      There was a story floating around on the internet a few years ago about the different types of narcissistic tendencies Chinese women often display. Attacking men was on the list. For as many women I saw with black eyes in China, I saw just as many men with bite marks, scratches and bruises.


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