How Many Men Does It Take To Beat Up Female KTV Employees?

This video is from April 1 of this year, but was just released on Youku five days ago. It shows at least two female employees of a KTV in Xuzhou, Jiangsu province getting attacked — innocently, says the video description — by ruffians just after 10 pm. One person was sent to a psychiatric hospital following the assault, and three others were injured.

    3 Responses to “How Many Men Does It Take To Beat Up Female KTV Employees?”

    1. Med

      Damn, those “guys” are dogs!
      1. they hit women.
      2. they hit them on the face.
      3. they’re 6+ against 2.
      4. they continue to hit them even when they’re on the ground.
      5. there’s a really nasty round-kick thrown to a woman’s head – failed, luckily for the woman.
      6. they hit women!

      This is something that would never happen in many countries, what the hell went wrong in ppl’s education/head here.

    2. Chinese Netizen

      Well, using the standard (but sometimes variable) formula of a fair fight in China being 3CMvs.1CM (CM being Chinaman), 5CMvs.1LaoWai, and 7CMvs.1fruit vendor, then I would surmise that the female employees fall slightly in between a CM and a LaoWai, thereby making the formula 4CMvs.1KTVGirl the answer to the headline here. This is considered non-prosecutable in China as it is a “fair fight”.

    3. mike

      I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again.. All these internet videos are a godsend. Finally we can put that nasty stereotype that all Chinese people know Kung fu to bed.


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