Chinese Traffic Cops Fight On The Job, Hold Up Traffic

Citing “extremely bad influences,” the police bureau in Tangshan, Hebei province has fired two traffic wardens who were caught on video fighting in an intersection, completely neglecting their job.

“Traffic cops!” one of the people behind the camera marvels, as if traffic couldn’t sort itself out.

After a little while, a third cop strides over to break things up. And then the honking begins, and we realize that these two have been holding up traffic all this time. Don’t you love all the ways jams can happen here?

Hebei traffic cops fight

    3 Responses to “Chinese Traffic Cops Fight On The Job, Hold Up Traffic”

    1. mike

      The Upside (besides the hilarity of this cat fight)?:

      This video may single-handedly banish the ugly stereotype that all Chinese know Kungfu.

    2. laowai88

      At least Tangshan actually has traffic cops. I’m still flabbergasted that Beijing doesn’t have any (at least not that actually direct traffic).


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