Li Tianyi Found Guilty, Sentenced To 10 Years For Gang Rape

Li Tianyi guilty of gang rape
Seventeen-year-old Li Guanfeng -- alternately called Li Tianyi, problem child, brat, and rapist -- was found guilty of gang rape by Haidian District People’s Court in Beijing earlier this morning. His high-level connections -- his father is renowned PLA singer Li Shuangjiang, and his mother is singer Meng Ge -- apparently weren't enough to get him off the hook for allegedly sexually assaulting a young woman with four of his friends in a Beijing hotel on February 17.

Girl Refuses To Put 20,000 RMB Bag Through Beijing Subway Security Check, Says, “My Daddy Will Kill You”

Rich girl won't go through Beijing subway security
A young woman got into a fight with subway security last Friday at Beijing Subway’s Changping Line. According to the video description, the scuffle began when she refused to put her bag through the X-ray machine, reportedly saying, “My bag costs twenty-fucking-thousand bucks, can you afford to touch it?” She then began cursing the poor security guards, with her male companion joining in.

Li Tianyi’s Gang Rape Charge Rendered, Momentarily, As “Taking Turns Having Sex” [UPDATE]

Li Tianyi
Li Tianyi, sometimes known as Li Guanfeng, is the 17-year-old son of well-known People's Liberation Army singer Li Shuangjiang, which was why it was so shocking, in February, when he was accused of participating in a gang rape. The public quickly judged him guilty, and predictably renewed curses of the country's privileged youth while anxiously waiting for the other shoe to drop, the Chinese justice system to fail.

Washington Court Sets $2 Million Bail For Chinese Student Charged With Vehicular Homicide, So His Mom Writes A Cashier’s Check

Yichun Xu and Brenda Gomez
Yichun Xu, 19, was charged with vehicular homicide in Des Moines, Iowa Washington on November 10 for speeding through a stop sign and crashing into a car full of people, one of whom later died from her injuries. Xu was driving four female passengers and reportedly going up to 70 miles per hour in a... Read more »

Drunk, Speeding 19-Year-Old Driver Without A License Kills Construction Worker, And Then His Girlfriend Does Something Truly Jaw-Dropping

Yayayaya woman drunk driver fu'erdai
In Chengdu recently, a speeding sedan driven by a drunk 19-year-old without a driver's license plowed into three roadside construction workers, killing one and injuring the others. After police and a news team arrived on the scene, cameras caught an astonishing sight: what appeared to be the driver and a young woman in a red dress being tender with one another. The journalist on scene reports that the man's demeanor immediately changed when he realized he was being filmed.

“My Family Runs The Public Security Bureau” Is The New “My Dad Is Li Gang”

Lu Jianbo
This is an update to our 2 am post about Lu Jianbo, the civil servant in Jiangsu province who attacked a woman with a knife on Friday night while reportedly shouting, “My family runs the public security bureau! Killing people is not a problem!” (“公安局是我家开的, 杀死人没问题!”) The raw footage of the incident remains cleansed from Youku, where it first... Read more »

Son Of High-Ranking Jiangsu Province Public Security Bureau Official Caught On Tape Knifing Woman

Li Jianbo-caused injuries featured image
The man seen with the knife is apparently Lu Jianbo, son of the deputy political commissar of the Jiangsu Province Public Security Bureau. The PSB's Weibo has confirmed that Lu is under "investigation," which should be aided by the video above, taken Friday night, in which Lu wields a knife at a woman on the ground, cutting her a reported 34 times (images after the jump).