Drunk, Speeding 19-Year-Old Driver Without A License Kills Construction Worker, And Then His Girlfriend Does Something Truly Jaw-Dropping

In Chengdu recently, a speeding sedan driven by a drunk 19-year-old without a driver’s license plowed into three roadside construction workers, killing one and injuring the others. After police and a news team arrived on the scene, cameras caught an astonishing sight: what appeared to be the driver and a young woman in a red dress being tender with one another. The journalist on scene reports that the man’s demeanor immediately changed when he realized he was being filmed.

It’s here that we’ll point out that he wore a shirt with “Sexy” on it and had a male companion who angrily told off the camera. That should be enough to incite ire from every viewer, especially those who have been quick to curse these youngsters as fu’erdai, second-generation rich. But then, something truly incredible happens. The girlfriend, while walking away, suddenly whirls around and croaks at the camera, “Film me, ya ya ya ya ya!” Idiot, here’s your rope. After being led away — dragged, we imagine — she waves at the news team, the side-slit in her dress revealing her thin legs and platform shoes. “Film me!” she caws.

Would it be impolite for me to tell her to beware what she wishes for?

Netizen comments have been, to put it mildly, unkind:

@YYJ白酒一两: What a rotten woman, no taste in clothes, also ugly, I’d find her cumbersome if she were given to me for free.

@絡莯蘩錵: His father must be Li Gang.

@牛人刘凤江: These beasts aren’t severely punished, heaven tolerate, that girl is not only shameless, but also is a wolf-hearted, dog-lunged [idiom: cruel and unscrupulous], cold slut.

@波板糖微博: This type deserves a prison sentence, that woman is disgusting.

@aibama88: Beasts plus perversion.

If indeed these lads and that misfortunate lass — who you can rest assured in knowing will get everything that’s coming to her — are indeed fu’erdai, their families will hook them up with a lawyer and this incident will be but a speed bump in their wonderful, blessed lives.

There is, however, no amount of money that can buy public perception, or wipe this video off the Internet. The human flesh engine will mete out punishment by publicizing their names, and soon after we just might have another Chinese Internet meme. “Ya ya ya ya ya” will not be forgotten anytime soon. Let that be the rallying cry for airheads and dimwits everywhere.

(H/T Alicia)

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