Alleged Child Molester Seeks Refuge In Hong Kong

Sharon Kui Yee-Tak, a 25-year-old former teacher’s aide at Frost School, a Maryland-based private school for students with emotional and behavioral disabilities, is believed to have fled to Hong Kong, where her brother resides.

According to, the victim’s father, Minister Ronald Harding, revealed his son’s torment and abuse by the hands of a trusted adult and teacher by “literally ripping pieces of the door panel off the inside of our car.”


Nov 3: Kui visits the boy’s home
Nov 10: Kui visits the victim and asked if he would have sex with her. Victim tells parent.
Nov 11: Sharon is fired from school and police start investigation.
Nov 13: a day after an arrest warrant was obtained, Sharon flees

Maryland police allege that Kui had entered the student’s home on Sunday morning and sexually abused the 15-year-old autistic teen in two incidents that took place while the student’s family was attending church.

Communication between the defendant and her pupil is believed to have originated through the exchanging of sexually suggestive text messages, a clear violation of boundaries between teacher and student that resulted in Kui being suspended.

Kui is charged with sexual solicitation of a minor, sex abuse of a minor and two counts of third-degree sex offense. She may be traveling with her boyfriend. WUSA reports:

“I think the Chinese government will have sufficient investigative leads to try and locate her. I don’t think it’s a matter of if, it’s a matter of when,” Police said.

SMCP adds:

Kui graduated from the University of Maryland in 2011. One of her friends told the Washington Post in an interview that she was stunned by the allegations and did not believe Kui was capable of them. The newspaper also cited a statement of charges saying Kui phoned the victim on the night his family contacted police and told him she would “flee the country rather than go to jail”.

Montgomery police are reportedly working with Hong Kong officials to try to extradite Kui. A Hong Kong police spokesman said the force would not comment on individual cases.

This is not the first time that a pedagogue wanted for sexual assault has fled to China.

    7 Responses to “Alleged Child Molester Seeks Refuge In Hong Kong”

    1. jahar

      Let me guess, she’s not Chinese, she’s American. So let’s hate all the Americans!

      Also, imagine right now if the US started tightening restrictions on Chinese/international teachers because of this. Everyone would think it’s ludicrous, but when China, Korea, or some other xenophobic Asian country does so, it’s business as usual.

    2. tsangwah

      I’m puzzled that a pedagogue had felt impelled to flee to China from the US. Perhaps the history of Mao Zedong led him or her to seek another period of a demigod leading the Middle Kingdom. That pedagogue has yet to pierce public recognition, but I wish that person luck. As for the alleged pedarast who has fled to Hong Kong, the allegation is hard to believe, though certainly not impossible.

      • benji

        1.) Fleeing to escape charges is not good.
        2.) Judging by the spelling of the name, she is a native Hong Konger, not mainland Chinese, big difference there.
        3.) She fled to Hong Kong, which up till now, despite the heavy handed interference from daddy China, still has a reasonable transparent judicial system.
        4.)Not sure if an extradition treaty exist between HK and the US. But depending on daddy China’s whims and motives, daddy can absolutely exert undue influence on HK to send her or not back to face justice in the US, such as in the case of Snowden.
        5.) If she truly wants to go underground, she should simply disappear across the border in China. But given her limited (from what I can gather) means, life in China without much $ is a worse hell hole than serving time in a US jail.

    3. D

      I’m LOLing so fucking hard that the sponsor message that plays before the news report on is for the Falun Gong’s dance company.

    4. Ron Harding

      I’m the father:

      Can we get the timeline right? He first told his case manager Jessica Park who didn’t beleive him and told Sharon before even talking the school. Then the school called us instead of CPS. THey only called CPS after conducting their own “Internal Investigation.” Then they made a report more than 24hrs later, after firing her.

      ALso let’s talk about why the police won’t give us any information on the case 1 yr 4 months later: We got her on a phone sting that evening where she confessed and said she was going to kill herself or flee the country, making her a danger to herself and able to be picked up immediately and held up to 72hrs becasue she was a danger to herself. That’s why they promised to give me the police report after 12 mo and now won’t release it. We’re fighting everybody involved because everyone seems to want to protect themselves instead of my son.

      • Shelly Chang

        I know where she is… I would love to help out. I don’t know she did things things… I meet her n family… Sorry


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