Today Is National Protest Day In Hong Kong

Hong Kong July 1 protest
July 1, 1997 marked the handover of Hong Kong from Great Britain to the People's Republic of China, and every July 1 since, hundreds to thousands of people have marched in this city. Since 2003, as this Wikipedia entry informs, the number has sometimes been hundreds of thousands (though, because Hong Kong is terrible with big-number estimates, we never have an exact figure.) This year? "A massive protest is expected," reports Wall Street Journal. On the docket: direct elections and the resignation of chief executive Leung Chun-ying.

Edward Snowden Reportedly Leaves Hong Kong, US Request For Extradition Failed Due To Paperwork [UPDATE]

Edward Snowden leaves Hong Kong
And he's gone. Screams the latest SCMP headline (all-caps theirs): SNOWDEN LEAVES HONG KONG ON COMMERCIAL FLIGHT TO MOSCOW The report isn't confirmed, but SCMP notes that Snowden "would continue on to another country." The Hong Kong government issued a short statement today, in which it said the US's request for extradition "did not fully comply with the legal requirements under Hong Kong law."

Listen To A Madman Rant On A Plane From Hong Kong To Newark

Madman Hong Kong to Newark flight featured image
"My name is Daniel Morgan Perry, born March 12, 1978." On United Airlines Flight 116 from Hong Kong to Newark on Monday, Daniel Morgan Perry, born March 12, 1978, demanded the plane be diverted to Canada, according to passengers, claiming his life was in danger. Also, something about poison and the CIA.

A Drive In Hong Kong

A Drive in Hong Kong
Hong Kong is a city unlike any other, its buildings rising up out of the hills like ridged obelisks, its waters rippling with cargo ships, ferries, and buoys, its mountainside painted the shade of roiling green, its alleys stacked upon one another with overpasses and skywalks crisscrossing as in an M.C. Escher illustration. I'm in Hong Kong at the moment, and to try to capture a bit of the wonder of this place, I made the above video. Hope you enjoy.

Scenes From Hong Kong’s Rally For Edward Snowden

Snowden rally in Hong Kong 1
"A few hundred" people showed up to a pro-Edward Snowden rally in Hong Kong on Saturday, the city where the NSA whistleblower is believed to still be residing. Reports Reuters: Marchers gathered outside the U.S. consulate shouting slogans denouncing alleged spying operations aimed at China and Hong Kong, but the numbers were modest compared to rallies over other rights and political issues. "Arrest Obama, free Snowden," protesters shouted outside the slate grey building as police looked on. Many waved banners that said: "Betray Snowden, betray freedom", "Big brother is watching you" and "Obama is checking your email".

Edward Snowden Will Stay In Hong Kong Because He Has “Faith In HK’s Rule Of Law,” Talks More About US Hacking

Edward Snowden political asylum Snia Weibo pic
Edward Snowden sat down with the South China Morning Post yesterday, causing the editors of that Hong Kong-based paper to somewhat lose their minds with SCOOP FEVER. (Which article do I link to? The 3:31 am one that has EXCLUSIVE splashed across the headline -- even though Snowden's spoken with several media outlets already -- or the one from 19 minutes later, or the one from 7:37 am on the same subject? There's another version from earlier, 12:52 am.)

See Hong Kong As It Was Meant To Be Seen: Vertically

Vertical Hong Kong featured image
Without a doubt, Hong Kong is a vertically oriented city, with vertiginous towers built upon mountains and hills and other daunting inclines. Which is why we're happy to encounter graphic artist/photographer Romain Jacquet-Lagrèze's rendering of the city in "Vertical Horizon," a project that strives to see Hong Kong as measly mortals must.

Watch: Scenes From The Inaugural Art Basel Hong Kong

Art Basel Hong Kong featured image2
For the first time ever, Art Basel opened in Hong Kong on Thursday, where it'll remain a showcase for Asian art, artists and galleries until tomorrow. For a glimpse, you'll want to check out Stephy Chung's latest video for, above, featuring scenes from this international event. Does Hong Kong deserve Art Basel? That's debatable. "Even a few local boosters will admit that the paucity of Hong Kong galleries is largely a reflection of the weakness of the local art scene," reports the New York Times.


Rubber duck sinks
The 16.5-meter inflatable duck in Hong Kong's Victoria Bay remains entertaining. Look at the above. Just look at it. It was due to air leakage, says Sina. It lasted 12 days, as of yesterday. Pity the duck. Pity us all.


Rubber duck in Victoria Harbor 1
I don't really have anything to add to Hong Wrong's piece about the 16.5-meter duck in Victoria Harbor, "In Pictures: HK Goes Completely Insane For Big Yellow Duck’s Arrival," or Shanghaiist's guide to SCMP's articles about these rubber ducks (with rolling updates), except to say this is awesome:

Asian TV Stations Confuse Margaret Thatcher For Queen Elizabeth II, Meryl Streep; Plus Other Reactions, Tributes

Meryl Streep and Margaret Thatcher
All white people look the same -- paunchy with yellow hair -- so the news that a pair of Asian television networks committed two separate Thatcher-related mix-ups during their coverage of the former British Prime Minister’s death on Monday at the age of 87 should come as little surprise. The first, Taiwan’s CTi Cable, broadcast footage of Queen Elizabeth II greeting well-wishers instead of Thatcher. Like Lady Thatcher, Queen Elizabeth II is an 87-year-old British politician. Unlike Lady Thatcher, however, Queen Elizabeth II is a different person and had well-wishers to greet.

Margaret Thatcher’s Top Five China Moments

Margaret Thatcher visits the Aberdeen Housing Estate on December 20, 1984, accompanied  by housing official L.K. Chan (Bettmann/CORBIS)
Margaret Thatcher, the outspoken former Prime Minister who transformed Great Britain during her stewardship of the country from 1979 to 1990 and inspired the global conservative moment during her decade in power, died Monday from a stroke. Great Britain’s only woman prime minister, the so-called Iron Lady led the Conservative Party to three electoral victories in a streak that was the longest continuous period in office by a British premier since the early nineteenth century. Thatcher, 87, remained an extremely decisive figure in Great Britain despite stepping away from public office in 1990, continuing to provoke visceral emotional reactions and passionate debate on her native turf and throughout the Commonwealth.

International Pillow Fight Day In Hong Kong Looked Fun Enough

Hong Kong pillow fight 2013
Saturday was International Pillow Fight Day, and if thought Hong Kong wasn't going to pull out all the feathers for this occasion, you don't know our friends to the south. BBC, SCMP, etc., covered the event. Hong Wrong has a collection of clippings, with photos upcoming, and also the above video, which is about as ridiculous of an eight-minute summary as you'll find (created by Dennis Mong). But look at how much fun everyone is having.

Hong Kong’s Christian Crazies Voice Their Dissent Of Gay Marriage And Starbucks At The Prompting Of Bigoted Pastor

Enoch Lam
Enoch Lam, a very high-profile pastor-comedian in Hong Kong, recently asked his fans on Facebook, “How should (Christians) respond to the recent controversial comments made by Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz regarding the company’s support of gay marriage?” This is the same Pastor Lam who once equated homosexuality with drug abuse and theft. Lam also said that... Read more »

Bikini Babes On Hong Kong-Shenzhen Border Want You To Know Breast Milk Is Better Than Powder

Advocate breastfeeding featured image
How did you spend your International Women's Day? A pair of women stood at the Luohu Checkpoint in Shenzhen on the border of Hong Kong on March 8 to protest against milk powder while advocating breastfeeding. As The Nanfang reports: The slogans on the signs read: “Limits on what you can buy don’t limit how much you can love;”

Hong Kong Viewers Irate At Pretentious TVB Travel Show Featuring This $360,000 Tourbillon Phone

Nat Around The World screengrab 3
The largest television station in Hong Kong, TVB, has been catching flak for the reduced quality of its entertainment programs, from soap operas to games shows. Recently, the station introduced a new travel show, “Nat Around The World” (叻哥遊世界), in which host Natalis Chan travels luxuriously with his friends to places such as Dubai, Milan,... Read more »

National Education Rears Its Head Again In Hong Kong, But In Subtle Ways

Hong Kong national education featured image
The idea of "national education" as school curriculum was nixed after widespread protests last year, but the National Education Parents' Concern Group recently discovered that some commonly used primary school textbooks are very biased and use overly affective expressions to teach students “how to build a better sense of belonging to the motherland.”

19 Dead After Hot-Air Balloon In Luxor Plummets To The Earth (Video)

Hot-air balloon accident featured image
Nine Hong Kong tourists are among the 19 who perished when a hot-air balloon in Luxor, Egypt turned into a fireball and plummeted a few hundred meters to a sugarcane field on the west bank of the Nile river. Only the pilot, who suffered burns on 70 percent of his body, and one other man, believed to be from Hong Kong, survived. Reuters reports that the cause of the accident, which happened on Tuesday, was a gas explosion:

Woman Assaulted By Young Man On Hong Kong Subway After Saying Inauspicious Things About His Family

Hong Kong subway fight featured image
A few days ago in Hong Kong, a young man was filmed yelling at, kicking and hitting a woman on the subway. The reason? According to Apple Daily English: A middle-aged woman accidentally kicked a boy's trolley while rushing to get to an empty seat. She blamed the boy for being in the way, and cursed him, telling him to "go tomb sweeping for your family." Offended, the boy began beating the woman, dragging her out of the carriage.