Cantonese, Which Sounds Like A Jackhammer Mating With A Chainsaw, Is Apparently Less “Weird” Than Mandarin

Cantones character
In an interesting linguistic study published in June, Tyler Schnoebelen of the language data company Idibon looked at hundreds of languages and evaluated them against one another according to 165 features shared by at least 100 languages. What he came up with was a "Weirdness Index" -- downloadable here -- that ranks 239 languages according to how odd they are, i.e. how different one is from the others. (Perhaps a better word would be "distinct.")

Crazy Racist Hong Kong Woman Curses Foreigner At Mong Kok Post Office

Crazy racist Hong Kong woman at post office
A friend of ours, Neil from Hong Kong, had quite the interesting post office experience in Mong Kok this morning. He was standing in line, minding his own business, when a woman approached him and said, “Fucking white man is pig, you steal and you need to return the loot to its original owner.” Utterly flabbergasted, Neil -- who is, by the way, one of the coolest, nicest people we know -- pulled out his camera phone and began recording. “Return the loot to its original owner,” the woman says, followed by: