Canadian Think Tank Ranks Hong Kong No. 3 Globally For “Human Freedom”; Mainland China Is 100

Global freedom index
I’m guessing if you’re not a businessperson, you’ll likely disagree with a recently released ranking by leading conservative Canadian think tank Fraser Institute that places Hong Kong above the US, Canada, and all Scandinavian countries in terms of “human freedom.” In Towards a Worldwide Index of Human Freedom, the institute “focuses on creating the first comprehensive... Read more »

Leung Chun-Ying Is A Werewolf, A Green Monster, And The Joker: Picture Evidence That Hong Kong Dislikes Its Chief Executive

Police estimate that about 2,600 protesters participated in a pro-government rally in Hong Kong on Sunday (or "as many as 40,000," if you believe organizers). It was the first half of a doubleheader of protests, with the nightcap coming yesterday -- the anti-government variety -- attended by 17,000, according to police. (In proportional hyperbole, organizers declared 130,000 people showed up.)

Comparing New Year’s In Beijing, Shanghai And Hong Kong: Who Wins?

New Year's Light Millennium Monument
Hong Kong had fireworks at Victoria Harbor. Shanghai had a 4D light show on the Bund. Beijing had a beam of light out of the China Millennium Monument (a sundial you probably haven’t been to, because Haidian district). We love our home city, but am also kind of okay admitting that Beijing loses this round (though... Read more »

Get Thee To A Nunnery! Uproar Over 14-Year-Old Hong Kong Site Making Unesco World Heritage Shortlist

Chi Lin Nunnery
We have no question that Chi Lin Nunnery in Kowloon’s Diamond Hill is a beautiful complex, possibly one of the most beautiful temple complexes in Hong Kong. It is apparently 33,000 square meters of tranquility and natural splendor, with the main building buttressed by hills, ponds, orchids, and topiaries, all against a backdrop of soaring skyscrapers.... Read more »

Chillax With Images Of Hong Kong’s Teeming Alleys, Glistening Skyscrapers And Shimmering Bays

Chillax With Images Of Hong Kong's Teeming Alleys, Glistening Skyscrapers And Shimmering Bays featured image
This video by Gregory Lane, "So Long, My Hong Kong," presents dozens of beautifully rendered shots of the true Pearl of the Orient. I've said it before but it bears repeating: Hong Kong does not seem like a city built by men of this world, such is the ambition of its design and overwhelming beauty. You get a glimpse of that here.

“Nasty China Style”: A Tolerable Gangnam Parody Highlights Hong Kong-Mainland Rivalry

Hong Kong Style Gangnam parody featured image
We're as sick of Gangnam Style parodies as everyone else, but this latest, "Nasty China Style," has a few redeeming factors. First, it's sung in Cantonese; I tend to think all Gangnam parodies are bad mostly because of the lyrics, but it helps when you don't know what they're saying. (There are subtitles though.) Second, file this one under "Red Army Orchestra meme" -- it'll help you get over the anti-Gangnam mental block so that you click play; other memes also make a cameo, such as "My dad is Li Gang." And third, it highlights the ongoing Hong Kong-mainland China rivalry, which transcends Gangnam.

Hong Kong Loves Its Soapbox Derby: Thousands Attend First-Ever Race

HK Soapbox 1
Were you somewhere other than Hong Kong this weekend? You mean you weren’t watching the city’s first-ever soapbox derby, sponsored by Red Bull? You sad, sad fool. The blog Hong Wrong says about 30,000 people turned out, and judging by the video, it was quite the spectacle. The Telegraph notes: The teams were judged on creativity, showmanship and... Read more »

Super Mario Movie In Hong Kong Is Awesome

What happens when you mix the characters of Super Mario with the mean streets of Hong Kong and classic elements of Triad flicks? The folks at Dayside Productions have an answer for you. From the YouTube video description: Synopsis: Bowser, the shroom drug lord, kidnaps the mayor’s daughter, Peach, to call off a drug investigation. The mayor calls... Read more »

The Best Applications To Be Gigi Chao’s Husband, So Far [UPDATE]

Gigi proposal
Picture via the Guardian, caption: “Gigi Chao (right) is already taken, having apparently married her partner of seven years, Sean Eav (left), in France recently. Photograph: Apple Daily/AFP/Getty Images.” Gigi Chao says she’s “really quite touched” by her dad’s HK$500 million bounty for her hand in marriage, and with applicants like this, we can see... Read more »

Hong Kong Tycoon Offers $65 Million To Bachelor Who Marries His Lesbian Daughter [UPDATE]

Seeking husband
Hong Kong property developer Cecil Chao Sze-tsung, looking very much like a tycoon in the above picture, has offered HK$500 million for the man who marries his daughter, Gigi Chao. Emphasis: man. For you see, there is one slight problem, as reported by South China Morning Post: Rejecting suggestions Gigi, 33, is a lesbian and describing... Read more »

A Film To Get Drunk With: Due West: Our 3D Sex Journey

Due West - Our 3D Sex Journey featured image 2
Quoting what appears to be an official film synopsis: Due West: Our Sex Journey describes the internal struggle of a young person seeking “love” and “lust” in contemporary society of Hong Kong. The film reflects the reason why men head North to Mainland to seek pleasure and the general problems exist among Hong Kong girls. It also focuses on the intricate conflict of the two-sided coin of love – affection and lust.

Mandatory National Education Plans Scrapped, But Who Really Wins?

Oh the irony...
Protesters occupying Hong Kong’s city plaza have won — sort of. Wall Street Journal reports people are feeling “mixed jubilation and frustration” after the city announced yesterday it will make its controversial National Education curriculum “voluntary.” While it’s too early to unravel all the implications of this decision, a direct result is that those on their hunger... Read more »

Hong Kong Singer Eason Chan Risks Mainland Reputation With “Anti-Locust” Song

Eason Chan Risks Mainland Reputation With “Anti-Locust” Song featured image
Eason Chan was never cut in the same mold as other Canto- and Mandopop stars who churn out anodyne, over-produced songs with mass appeal. He wasn't exactly a rebel, but part of his popularity lie in the fact that he was unique, with songs that at least hinted at deeper meaning. Time called his album U87, released in 2005, "a bridge between past and future, showing off a rawness rarely found in Chinese pop."