Toddler’s Head Nearly Flattened By Car After She Falls Out Of Scooter

A woman nearly lost her child in Jinhua, Zhejiang province recently when she recklessly drove her scooter carrying two young children between two cars at a stoplight. As she braked, the scooter lurched and a child fell out, and at the same time the car next to them pulled forward as the light had turned green. The young child’s head bumped against the back wheel of the car. The above video gives you a frightening idea of how close the child came to getting her head run over.

We’re told the woman broke two rules: motorcycles aren’t supposed to carry minors under 12 years, and driving between cars in adjacent lanes is illegal. The newscaster in the video rubs it in at the end: “Because of her own mistake, the child nearly lost her life. The careless mother needs to seriously self-reflect.” Ku6 video for those in China after the jump.

(H/T Alicia)

    2 Responses to “Toddler’s Head Nearly Flattened By Car After She Falls Out Of Scooter”

    1. Martyn

      Did anyone notice and comment positively on the man who stopped, assisted and supported the lady and her child? Or is it such a positive, that it gets little coverage. Maybe it is more normal than made out and not an opportunity to ridicule?

    2. narsfweasels

      Let’s say for the sake of argument that the little girl had actually been killed by the car (god forbid): who would be responsible?


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