Rent A Laowai… To Report Crime

Rent a laowai to report crime 3

You can pay for anything if you have money, of course, but it sure does seem like the Chinese find the most creative services to exchange for currency. This story latest fits right in.

As Tea Leaf Nation’s David Wertime writes: “And now, this latest innovation: Chinese with cash to spare can pay a foreigner to report a crime on their behalf.”

On China’s Sina Weibo microblogging platform, a user named Yu Min, who claims to be an advertising company employee, caught the attention of a few thousand netizens on Oct. 17 when he shared photographs of two crudely made advertisements. Based on information available on the photo, the second advertisement was posted on the streets of Hefei, the capital of impoverished Anhui province. (It is not clear where the first advertisement was posted.)

Foreigner will report crimes for you: Starting at 200 RMB [about $33] per month — Retrieve lost items — 100 percent of cases solved.”

The other, a bit more restrained, reads:

Foreigner will report crimes for you: Police take [them] seriously — The rate of solved cases is high.”

Hire a white guy to deceive a factory inspector. Hire a white guy to report a crime. Hire a white guy to… commit a crime. It’s only a matter of time, isn’t it?

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Robbed in China? Remain Calm — And Call a Foreigner (Tea Leaf Nation)

    5 Responses to “Rent A Laowai… To Report Crime”

    1. mike

      Foreigners are despised in China. What could be worse than being White in China? A Leper? Anyway, the notion that we are somehow afforded some ‘special treatment’ by cops that would just as soon shake us down and tear up our passports, or question us for 3 hours about every trip we’ve been on in the last 3 years. And locals want THAT treatment? Insane.

      Tip: Before making assumptions about 洋鬼子, talk to JUST ONE. ONE. In your life, talk to one foreign devil before assuming that white guys in China have it nice.

    2. karl Perkins

      Many foreigners are hated in China because of their totally disgusting behaviour. I have lived in China for five years and i am mostly embarassed to be a foreigner here – i see people acting in a way they would never dream of acting in their home countries.

      Groping waitressess
      Getting angry with staff when they don’t understand – even though many of them never even attempt to try the language
      Calling the Chinese scum
      Calling the Chinese idiots

      Mnay of these foreigners are absolute lowlifes here becuase they can earn a wage that is well beyond their reach in their own countries and i hope that the Chinese government steps up it’s efforts to weed out the scumbags and send them home.

      It was discovered that a school nearby my community had a foreign pedophile as the headmaster – many of the foreigners here used that as a point of humour and laughed at the fact they were Chinese kids!!!!!!!! Scum!

    3. Charles Robb

      I have lived in China for at least 6 mos of the year for over 10 years and have never encountered anything like mentioned above. Not only do I own a home in Nanjing, but I have also traveled all over the place. To me as an American it is the safest place I can go with a pickpocket being the biggest threat. I spend time in Yunnan, which is the roughest area; however, Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Nanjing, Shanghai, Beijing and Handan are all great cities. Several times a year I fly to Urumqi and go Taimen fishing. You will find Western China very different, but still the people are friendly and fun. My Mandarin has gotten quite good, but I don’t often let people know that until they have made some joke about me. This happens in plane often and is very funny when they realize most of what has been said. Karl what kind of places do you go to? The only complaint I have about most foreigners there is they have forgotten how to tip. Honestly I love China and think the world of my Chinese friends!

    4. Paul Acker-Taxis

      I am a aspiring Laowai worker. I am native to California. I am 30 years old. I am a DJ. I weigh 180 lbs. I am 6 feet tall. I have done improv acting. I like to wear suits. Pretty cool dude.


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