Is This The Fastest Beer-Chug Ever?

We’re going to have a full recap of Saturday’s Chug-Off for Charity at Great Leap Brewing in the morning, but for now, just watch this ridiculous, jaw-dropping performance from Colin of Go on the Pikies in the semifinals of our 16-team tournament. The crowd’s reaction says it all: a moment of stunned silence followed by interjections of appreciation and jubilee as we process what we just witnessed.

Colin, by the way, is a Dubliner who’s currently working as an actor in London. He just happened to be passing through town. He and his partner, Tiggi of Paddy O’Shea’s, would go on to win the championship belt.

Again, more in the morning. But what a show. UPDATE: Official recap.

    One Response to “Is This The Fastest Beer-Chug Ever?”

    1. Charles

      I would have been disappointed to compete against this chug because I could get pretty close to that but it would have been really tough to beat.. However… Glad no one has filmed me “performing”.


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