Crazy: Bus Driver Barely Dodges Massive Pole That Crashes Through His Windshield

Bus driver pole Zhejiang featured image
Bus driver Mao Zhihao was leisurely driving down the road on Sunday, March 24 in Quzhou, Zhejiang province when HOLY CRAP WATCH OUT FOR THAT POLE! Watch in the above as a streetlight crashes directly through the bus's windshield. The 44-year-old driver ducked in the nick of time, escaping death. Impressively, he also stopped the bus, ensuring that no passengers got hurt. For his efforts, some have bestowed upon him the "Most Beautiful" label.

Guangzhou Subway Attendant Resusciates American With CPR, Earns “Most Beautiful” Label

Guangzhou Subway Attendant Resusciates American With CPR, Earns “Most Beautiful” Label featured image
On the morning of Saturday, February 9, an American named James suddenly collapsed at the Liede station of Guangzhou Metro Line 5. The video of the incident was just made available, which you can watch above. A subway attendant, Zhang Jie, supported James's head while her colleague rubbed his chest. He remained unresponsive for a minute, at which point, while waiting for rescue personnel to arrive, Ms. Zhang began performing CPR. She said he remained unresponsive until after her third attempt, when he let out a breath of air.

Young Woman Saves Younger Boy With CPR, Deemed “Most Beautiful” Nurse

Most Beautiful Nurse featured image
A young boy, identified as "10-some years old," nearly drowned a few days ago in Wenzhou, Zhejiang province, and probably would have if not for a bit of serendipity and a young nurse who just happened to be passing by. Fetched from the water by his family, the boy was showing little signs of life when Wang Guoshuang began performing CPR on him. Interviewed afterwards, Wang says she had practiced CPR as an intern, but never performed it in real life. Apparently she was a good student: after several minutes, the boy was revived. He is now out of danger.

Changchun Bus Driver Called “Most Beautiful,” And It Has Nothing To Do With Her Looks

Most Beautiful Bus Driver featured image
Here's another story about a bus driver in China, but this one involves no death and no callous disregard for life. Last Wednesday at 2:20 pm in Changchun, Jilin province, Fu Xiuli, the driver of Bus 363, was rolling toward the intersection of Comrade Street (Tongzhi Jie) and Liberation Avenue (Jiefang Dalu) when she suddenly experienced difficulty breathing, according to NetEase.