Changchun Bus Driver Called “Most Beautiful,” And It Has Nothing To Do With Her Looks

Here’s another story about a bus driver in China, but this one involves no death and no callous disregard for life.

Last Wednesday at 2:20 pm in Changchun, Jilin province, Fu Xiuli, the driver of Bus 363, was rolling toward the intersection of Comrade Street (Tongzhi Jie) and Liberation Avenue (Jiefang Dalu) when she suddenly experienced difficulty breathing, according to NetEase. In the above video, she’s seen in obvious pain, which even brings her to tears. But instead of panicking, she calmly rolls up to the next bus stop and has the 67 passengers get on the bus behind them. Some passengers linger to comfort the driver, and at least one dials 120 for an ambulance.

But wait… the feel-good story continues. That same day, the girl who called 120, Ms. Xu, went to the hospital with her boyfriend to visit Fu and give her fresh flowers and wish her well. Test results are expected soon.

“I want to quickly get over this illness, get healthy and return to work,” Fu said. “I’m very moved by people’s outpouring of support these last few days, I want to return to work and continue properly serving customers to return everyone’s favor.”

The media dubbed Fu the “most beautiful bus driver,” and the story has since spread to CCTV. The video here appeared on Youku about 18 hours ago.

(H/T Alicia)

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