Two women die from H1N1 virus in Beijing. In other news, SWINE FLU!

Alright, before you panic: according to CRI, at least one of the dead probably didn’t die due to the flu alone, as she was a 65-year-old cancer patient. The other victim was a 22-year-old migrant worker, which is a little more worrisome, but she wasn’t exactly a model of health. There’s no need to go on 2009-type Tamiflu shopping sprees… yet.

It is disturbing, however, that flu cases are the highest they’ve been in five years in Beijing, according to Deng Ying, director of the city’s Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

Statistics from the CDC indicate that a total of 28,567 flu-infected patients visited second-tier hospitals in the capital last week, surpassing the annual number of visits during each corresponding period since 2008.

Deng Ying, director of the CDC, said the flu would maintain an active spreading trend until the Spring Festival period. He said during the holiday travel period, low-quality sanitation services supplied to travelers with reduced immunity would increase the spread of the virus.

Bundle up and stay healthy out there. I’d hate for you to get me sick.

Beijing Reports Two Deaths from H1N1 Flu (CRI, h/t Shanghaiist)

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