24-Hour Panda Cam For You Panda Pervs

24-hour panda cam2

As WSJ’s China Realtime Report noticed, you can now watch pandas all day, every day, with the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding’s 24-hour live feed. It’s a screenwriter’s dream.

Panda Bob: “Heya Joe.”

Panda Joe: “Heys Bob.”

PB: “Whatcha doin?”

PJ: “Nom nom nom’ing. You?”

PB: “Same.”

PJ: “Hmm.”

PB: “Mmm.”

PJ: “hmm.”

PB: “m.”

PJ: “How’s it be with the missus?”

PB: “Great! Actually, it’s hard to tell.”

PJ: “Did you mated?”

PB: “Yep.”

PJ: “Are you’s doin it again?”

PB: “Nope.”

And so on.

Viewers can watch the pandas at the base in southwestern Sichuan province, part of their native domicile, via 28 cameras planted in five areas that will feed six channels: “garden for adult pandas,” “kindergarten,” “nursery for twins,” “mother-and-child playground,” “No.1 Villa” and “featured.”

…For the country that is home to the giant pandas, China is a late mover in setting up a live feed, though it is stepping in where others have quit. Last October, Thailand pulled its zoo-based panda show after nearly three years, while Hong Kong’s Panda Channel says on its website that its bear broadcast from the Ocean Park theme park will cease this weekend.

Yes, It’s True, China Is Launching a 24-Hour Panda Cam (WSJ)

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