Allen Iverson And Dennis Rodman In China As Part Of US All-Stars Tour

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Former NBA stars Allen Iverson and Dennis Rodman were in Cixi, Zhejiang earlier this week to scrimmage against the Beijing Ducks, which still has (the newly minted) Stephon Marbury, as part of an eight-game, multi-team tour. One Beijing player said it was a dream to play against AI. Ducks coach Min Lulei, however, had no use for such sentiment. He chided his team in the post-game press conference for not taking the opening game seriously enough, which strikes me as just silly -- the Ducks are a month removed from winning the CBA championship, and they haven't practiced together since.

Stephon Marbury Has Silenced His Critics This Year, Maybe For Good

Fans cheer Marbury after Beijing's Game 5 win vs. Guangdong
By Jon Pastuszek It’s November 2010, and Stephon Marbury has locked himself inside a hotel room in Taiyuan, Shanxi province, sad, hurt and uncertain over his future in China. Eight months earlier, after basically being told he wasn’t welcome anymore in the NBA, he had come to play for the Shanxi Brave Dragons of the Chinese Basketball... Read more »

In Beijing, The New Champion Of Chinese Basketball

They kept trying to jinx it, I swear to God they did. Before tonight's game, the club gave away t-shirts (white, per Stephon Marbury's suggestion) that read, "March 30, 2012: Beijing Ducks are champions." With 21.9 seconds left, Beijing up two and Guangdong set to inbound, the crowd chanted, "Championship! Championship!"

Guangdong Coach Captured On National TV Telling His Players To Intentionally Hurt Beijing’s

Stephon Marbury and Zhou Wei
Jon Pastuszek over at NiuBBall has added an incredible detail in a post titled “Beijing-Guangdong Game 1: The night the CBA was at its best and worst” (first uncovered among English-language China blogs by China Sports Review): Yet the most amazing was that [Guangdong] Coach Li, a man who has won seven CBA championships, was the one... Read more »

Did Youku Just Censor BJC’s Marbury Video?

Youku censorship
At the 52-second mark of this Youku video, which accompanies yesterday’s post titled “Watch This Dirty, Dirty Foul On Stephon Marbury, Followed By Some Shithead Telling Him, ‘Fuck You,’” one hears a sudden crackling sound before the stream suddenly stops. It doesn’t start again until the 1:45 mark, after China national-team member Su Wei has stopped... Read more »

Game 1 Of The CBA Finals Between Beijing And Guangdong In Its Entirety

Game 1 Of The CBA Finals Between Beijing And Guangdong In Its Entirety
The CBA employs a 1-2-2-2 finals format, meaning the team with the worse record starts Game 1 at home. Theoretically it leads to longer series, but that's incumbent on the home team actually winning Game 1. Beijing, as the heavy underdogs against the four-time defending champs, was in a must-win situation on Wednesday, playing for the first time at Olympic-quality Wukesong. Embedded above and after the jump, you'll find the game in its entirety.

Watch This Dirty, Dirty Foul On Stephon Marbury, Followed By Some Shithead Telling Him, “Fuck You”

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Youku video for those in China after the jump. [UPDATE, 3/23: Did Youku just censor my video? Embedded below is now the video on][UPDATE 2: Well fuck, and Tudou have rejected my video as well. Hang on while I find a host that doesn't employ censors bored as shit and behaving like craven... Read more »