BTV’s Post-Championship Show, Featuring Stephon Marbury

The day after Beijing won the CBA championship, BTV hosted the official victory celebration — the equivalent of a parade for a professional sports team in the US — in the form of a show called 一赛季, 一生情, which I’ll roughly translate as “One Season, One Lifetime of Passion.” There were several interesting parts, such as the interview with coach Min Lulei in which he admits the wear of the season has finally caught up to him (he looked exhausted), and a short video dedicated to the team’s equipment manager, after which everyone stood up around him and applauded (he broke down sobbing), and some fun with the team’s two rookies, one of whom was so shy his palms were sweating. But what I’ve embedded above is the part most English speakers — you are one if you’ve gotten this far — probably only care about. Fair warning: the above (and below, on Youku, for those in China) is BTV’s unedited version, and it’s much more awkward in some parts than what I originally saw on TV.

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