Fans Are Clamoring For Stephon Marbury To Become The Next Coach Of Chinese Basketball

Chinese basketball snubbed handshake 3
Panagiotis Giannakis, former head coach of the Greek basketball team, arrived in May to begin a four-year contract to lead the Chinese basketball team through the 2014 FIBA World Championships in Spain and the 2016 Olympics in Brazil. As of this writing, however -- following a blowout loss to Chinese Taipei in the quarterfinals of the FIBA Asia Championship two weeks ago -- it doesn't look like Giannakis will survive the month.

“Donnie Does” The Shanghai Sharks, And Gilbert Arenas Approves. (Stephon Marbury Does Not)

Donnie Does Shanghai Gilbert Arenas featured image
What does Gilbert Arenas, three-time NBA All-Star, do before CBA games in Shanghai? Watch YouTube, of course. We know this thanks to Donald Mahoney of the video series Donnie Does. "I watched you on YouTube before I got here," Arenas tells Donnie in the tunnel before a Sharks home game. "You're funny as shit." "How you liking Shanghai?" "It's fun." "Let's grab a beer sometime."

Stephon Marbury Was Victimized By The Floppingest Flop

Marbury victimized by flop
The CBA might have a flopping problem. Tianjin's flopping against Qingdao last week was a big reason that game got so out of hand, and on Friday, we saw another incident involving one of the league's high-profile players. Watch as Guangsha guard Zhang Hanjun starts bleeding perilymph from his ear upon bodily contact with Beijing's Stephon Marbury. Who comes out of this looking good?

Gilbert Arenas Scores 5 Points In First Game Back Since Groin Injury, Team Loses

Gilbert Arenas video
On Tuesday, Gilbert Arenas played his first game since November 24 — when he pulled up lame after just six minutes in Beijing – and it was apparent he wasn’t completely healthy. He limped to the bench in the first half, fueling the same questions that reporters asked last month: is he physically fit to compete? Arenas... Read more »

Tracy McGrady Retaliates With Dirty Elbow After Beijing’s Ji Zhe Taunts Him With Finger Wag [UPDATE]

Tracy McGrady elbows Ji Zhe
This weekend has not been good to Tracy McGrady. On Friday he suffered the indignity of having to run off the court because of diarrhea — to say nothing of the indignity of a 10-point performance in a 30-point home loss. Yesterday in Beijing, against the defending champs, he was involved in what could have been... Read more »

Beijing Ducks Beat American All-Stars, Then Mercilessly Rib Teammates For Getting Juked By Allen Iverson And Jason Williams

Allen Iverson and Jason “White Chocolate” Williams were among the more famous basketball players in Beijing on Saturday to take on the defending CBA champs in an exhibition at Beijing National Stadium. (No Dennis Rodman this time.) The Ducks beat the American “All-Stars” 132-103, but all anyone could talk about afterwards was the “juke” that... Read more »

Stephon Marbury’s Beijing Book Signing Today Attracted A Thousand Fans. By The Way, Stephon Marbury Has A Book

Marbury's book
Fans lined up around the massive Zhongguancun Book Mansion this morning to see their favorite athlete, Stephon Marbury, conduct a book signing for his ghostwritten autobiography, I Am Commissar Marbury (I only assume it’s ghostwritten because it’s in Chinese). Marbury, who had been in the US for foot surgery, returned to Beijing on Thursday with his... Read more »