Allen Iverson And Dennis Rodman In China As Part Of US All-Stars Tour

Former NBA stars Allen Iverson and Dennis Rodman were in Cixi, Zhejiang earlier this week to scrimmage against the Beijing Ducks, which still has (the newly minted) Stephon Marbury, as part of an eight-game, multi-team tour. One Beijing player said it was a dream to play against AI. Ducks coach Min Lulei, however, had no use for such sentiment. He chided his team in the post-game press conference for not taking the opening game seriously enough, which strikes me as just silly — the Ducks are a month removed from winning the CBA championship, and they haven’t practiced together since.

The American team won Game 1 121-104 on Saturday (Iverson scored 11 points), and won Game 2 128-125 on Monday (Iverson did a little better, with 13 points to Marbury’s 22). AI will have to do a little better than that if he wants to raise his stock among Chinese teams. As you’ve no doubt heard by now, he says he’s interested in the CBA, replying “why not?” to the question of playing here. Putting up a combined 24 points against star-crossed opponents should make CBA team officials ask: Why?

Here’s some more game footage. And here is AI arriving in Shanghai’s Pudong Airport. Video of the top embed on Youku for those in China after the jump. 

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