Probably The Best Picture From The Guangzhou Sex Festival

GZ Sex Festival
We brought you pictures of the 10th annual Guangzhou Sex Culture Festival yesterday evening, but by far the best picture from that event — which, sadly, ends today — is the one above. I want you to notice the small gray box that is partially obscuring the picture of the woman’s breast on the left... Read more »

Your First Look At The 10th Guangzhou Sex Culture Festival

GZ Sex Festival
The Guangzhou Sex Culture Festival is always a big deal because, you know, sex. Created in 2003 by Zhang Feng, a soldier-turned government official who goes by “Brother Feng” in his books, Guangzhou’s annual sex lollapalooza draws hundreds of thousands of visitors every year. “Sex is like food,” Zhang said in a 2010 interview. “It functions at the very... Read more »

And Now For Something Completely Different: People’s Daily’s Bathing Advisory

While significant things happen outside the offices of People’s Daily, and other people do real work (like censoring videos — Youku, looking at you), People’s Daily Online has teamed up with Xinhua to bring you important, possibly life-saving tips on dangerous bathing, in a not-at-all tongue-in-cheek article called, “Danger: Don’t bathe under the following conditions.”... Read more »

Bikini-Clad Protesters In Shenzhen Urge “Civilized Patriotism, Rational Japanese Resistance”

Four protesters in Shenzhen on Tuesday afternoon came up with a creative way of voicing discontent over the Japanese claims on the Diaoyu islands. With bayonets between their thighs — and three of them in swimwear — they chanted things like, “Civilized patriotism, rational Japanese resistance.” I think what they mean is: don’t do this.... Read more »

Environmentalists In Beijing Go Topless To Protest Ginseng Organization

Ginseng protest
On Sunday, a Jilin province-based ginseng association was holding a promotional activity in Beijing’s Chaoyang Park when environmentalists brought its event to a sudden halt. Before being intercepted by park security and escorted out, the young protesters made it known that ginseng mining destroys forests. At least one woman was topless, drawing all the cameras. Poor... Read more »

A “Sandy-Beach & Swimsuit Culture Exposition” Began Yesterday, And Of Course Xinhua Is On Top Of It

Is that a conch?
We’re not sure what this “2nd China International Sandy-Beach & Swimsuit Culture Exposition” is, nor have we heard of Huludao, Liaoning province, which is hosting this expo that began yesterday and lasts until Sunday. We only know what’s in the photos, and that Xinhua put them on its website, because of course it would.