Naked Man Passes Out Spread-Eagle On Sanlitun Wicker Seat

Sanlitun naked sleeping guy censored

Occasionally a man needs to sleep off the heat of a midsummer afternoon. Occasionally a man needs to anchor himself under an opulent shade and forget the perturbations of his life trajectory, which might pull him into the vortex that is the world’s collective agitation. Occasionally a man needs to do this while naked, save for one sock.

This via an anonymous tipster:

A friend sent this to me after her midday coffee at the Starbucks in Sanlitun. As she walked out of the top floor she spotted a man passed out on the patio chair, spread eagle and wearing only a sock. The police came to ask what he was doing then dressed him in a garbage bag. I’m still left with questions. All I want to know is where is his other sock, how long was he sleeping there for all of Sanlitun to see and what kind of party did he go to?

What kind of party, indeed. Sanlitun is on a roll: a month and a half ago we saw this passed-out laowai on the steps of Nali patio, though he at least had the good sense to stay clothed.

If you want the uncensored, NSFW version of the naked napper – (squint hard enough, Beijing expats, and you might see a bit of yourself in that pic) — click here.

    2 Responses to “Naked Man Passes Out Spread-Eagle On Sanlitun Wicker Seat”

    1. Chinese Netizen

      Good for him. Nice contrast to all the pretentious snobbery and wannabe-ness in that oasis of bullshit in the biggest bullshit center of China.


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