The “Finish” Of The Boston Marathon Yielded This Fantastic Picture

Boston Marathon flags

They finished the Boston Marathon on Saturday as thousands of runners completed a one-mile run at Kenmore Square, along Boylston Street. This great idea was made doubly so by the display of solidarity above, with runners holding flags to honor the victims of the bombing on April 15. The Chinese flag, of course, is for Lu Lingzi.

As NPR reports:

Kyle Shade, 26, crossed the finish line carrying the Chinese flag. He told us the before the race began, race organizers were asking for a volunteer to run with the flag in honor of Lu Lingzi, one of the three spectators who were killed in the blasts.

“I walked up and volunteered to help show that she is just as part of Boston as anyone else,” Shade said.

Supremely classy, as Boston has never ceased to be since the tragedy. Wonderful stuff.

(H/T Dray)

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