What Is A Chinese Orgy Actually Like?

Orgy PS
China has been abuzz over orgies recently, thanks to a set of scandalous pictures that surfaced last week featuring three pairs of swingers. (You can see several of these 120-some NSFW photos here.) Amid speculation (since dispelled) that the men were high-ranking government officials, one of the men, Wang Yu, confessed to being in the... Read more »

White Woman Walks Naked Through Downtown Kunming

Naked woman in Kunming
Following up on our post earlier today featuring a naked man riding a bicycle, here’s a naked woman walking down Culture Lane yesterday evening in Kunming, Yunnan province. Key of China Hush brings us this picture via ifeng. As Key reports: Netizens made fun, this foreign woman “expressed her bossiness”, “This world is too crazy, at least wear... Read more »

A Sex Doll Tied To A Tree Either Increases Road Safety Or Decreases It

Scant info is available about this picture, except that it was posted earlier this week, taken at the intersection of Songjiang and Jinyu, city unknown. Commenters on Weibo speculate the grandma is doing this to get drivers to slow down. Or maybe it’s to cause drivers to rubberneck and crash? #MinorDifferences (Via Car News China)

Guilin Park Offers Half-Price Entry To Tall Girls In Short Skirts

In a marked contrast to how certain authorities in Shanghai view women in provocative attire, the Guilin Merryland Resort in Guilin, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region is offering half-price entry to women 18 and over who wear skirts shorter than 38 centimeters — and they’ve pulled out the tape measure to make sure no one is cheating.... Read more »

We Interrupt Your Olympic Torch Relay With A “Free Tibet” Streaker

Free Tibet streaker featured image
Earlier in the day at Henley-on-Thames, a naked man holding a fake Olympic torch ran ahead of the real Olympic torch route, basically in front of the whole town. A streaker in England? How is that possible? According to the London Evening Standard, the man had "Free Tibet" written on his back. He was quickly tackled by police, as you see in the above. There's another video after the jump, from a different angle, in high definition. Both are borderline NSFW, but the HD one probably slightly more so.

Is This Young Lady Really That Offensive?

Model for Euro
Jemimah Steinfeld, writing in Global Times, seems to think so. Let’s jump straight to her conclusion: “The Netherlands were quickly knocked out of Euro 2012. They weren’t the only losers. So long as women continue to strip to catch the attention of football players, we all are.” What about people who enjoy masturbating to pictures of... Read more »

A Beach In Sanya For Those With “Skin Diseases”

Nude beach sign
Nude beaches are pretty uncommon in China, if only for the fact that beaches here are always packed with people, most of whom, surely, have no desire to see any choads. But a tourist in Sanya, Hainan province (the "Hawaii of the East"), Tian Ma, recently found himself looking in at a nudist resort -- a cleverly disguised one -- and thought what anyone would think: picture time! He stealthily took the images above and after the jump and posted them on his blog, Tian Ma Topics.