Naked Woman Rides Scooter Against Traffic In Shanghai

Naked woman in scooter in Shanghai

Via Hug China:

A middle aged woman stripped herself nude and tore at male cop’s trousers when fined for riding her scooter in the wrong direction in Shanghai.

Sorry, I’ve been drinking too much. Explain slowly for me please: why would anyone ride their scooter in the wrong direction?

A middle aged woman stripped off naked and vehemently resisted law enforcement of police when caught violating traffic rules in Shanghai, Xinmin Net reported.

The woman was caught riding her scooter in the wrong direction at an intersection along the Waiqingsong Road in Shanghai’s Qingpu district.

A police intercepted, criticized and educated her, then when the police asked for a fine of 50 yuan, the woman did not cooperate and refused to pay the fine, but the police retained her scooter and did not let her go.

It gets better or worse from there. Depending on your definition of better/worse and from whose perspective you’re analyzing the situation.

Tough Shanghai woman caught and fined for violating traffic rule (Hug China)

    One Response to “Naked Woman Rides Scooter Against Traffic In Shanghai”

    1. narsfweasels

      What surprises me most about this story is that a cop fined someone for riding the wrong way on a scooter.


      That’s a RULE, is it? You CAN’T ride a scooter/SUV/BMW the WRONG DIRECTION?

      WHO KNEW?!


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