Watch: “Naked Run” In Beijing Olympic Park Features Bare Chests, Gas Masks

Heavy smog couldn’t deter runners of the annual “naked pigs run” in Beijing’s Olympic Park on Sunday. According to China Daily, more than 300 participants — “only allowed to wear underwear” — partook in the event. (Clearly some people wore more than underwear, but let’s let that be neither here nor there.) Some wore gas masks, making for interesting photos:

Naked pigs run Beijing Olympic Park

Others brazenly flaunted their health amid pollution, which is, as they say, the spirit. China Daily with this:

Meng Guangping, 51, a worker at a Beijing machinery factory, joined the activity for the third time.

“I didn’t feel unwell after running,” Meng said. “I run regularly and will not stop when there is haze. I think I have become used to the haze.”

The very next paragraph:

The number of asthma and emphysema patients seeking help at Beijing hospitals has doubled since the smog started on Thursday, China National Radio reported.

Shine on you crazy diamonds.

Naked pigs run 1
Naked pigs run 2
Naked pigs run 3

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