White Woman Walks Naked Through Downtown Kunming

Following up on our post earlier today featuring a naked man riding a bicycle, here’s a naked woman walking down Culture Lane yesterday evening in Kunming, Yunnan province. Key of China Hush brings us this picture via ifeng. As Key reports:

Netizens made fun, this foreign woman “expressed her bossiness”, “This world is too crazy, at least wear something!!! The weather in Kunming will give you a cold.”  “Is this teaching everyone ‘sex is zero’?” “You won’t understand her world.”

Some people also said being naked in crowed downtown area is really indecent. “It is a public place, there were so many children there too.”  “Why don’t the police do something?” “Lacking in moral integrity!”

In addition, Netizen also revealed that the foreign woman is an Italian student studying at a medical school in Yunnan.

She also has a wicked farmer’s tan. Just sayin’.

It seems unlikely there aren’t more pictures and at least — at least – one video floating out there. If you’ve seen any, please pass them along. tips@beijingcream.com

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