Xinhua Announces Date Of 10th Annual Guangzhou Sex Culture Festival

From the 9th annual Guangzhou sex festival, November 12, 2011, via Yahoo China.

I know, I know, reading what Xinhua has to say about sex must be like reading the part in your mother’s 4th-grade book report on Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret where the protagonist buys her first bra and sanitary napkin. Still, here it is:

The 10th edition of the festival will host a variety of activities like exhibitions of 100 ancient sex relics, sexology forums, and lingerie catwalk shows from Oct. 6 to 8, with organizers hoping to attract visitors during the National Day holiday.

Zhu Jiaming, deputy director of the organizing committee, said the event will also feature two photo exhibitions of AIDS-related subjects designed to present the spread of sexually transmitted diseases.

The previous nine editions of the festival attracted more than 3 million visitors, and with stuff like this, why wouldn’t the people come? (NO PUN INTENDED. Wait… yeah, it’s intended.)

All of these are from the above-linked Yahoo slideshow. Enjoy.

If you’ll be in Guangzhou in October, please do let us know.

(H/T Alicia)

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