Can We Stop Freaking Out Over The Word Chink Now?

Xinhua chink
One of my pet peeves is people, Asian or otherwise, pretending to be offended when someone intentionally or unintentionally uses the word chink in a totally non-racial context. (People who are actually offended are only slightly better.) Example: Jeremy Lin, ESPN headline: “Chink in the armor.” We get it: Lin’s Asian, chink isn’t the best choice... Read more »

Xinhua’s Slideshow Of “Super Movie Villains Of All Time” Includes The Joker, Voldemort, And The Two Gay Leads In Brokeback Mountain

Sometimes it’s best not to try to figure out Xinhua. Here’s their latest face-palm effort, “Super movie villains of all time.” Unedited and in the order that they appear, here are the captions on each of the 10 pictures under this heading: 1. The Joker 2. Heath Ledger 3. Doctor Octopus 4. The Lizard 5.... Read more »

State Media “Survey” Of “Top 10 Happiest Cities In China” Features Taiyuan, Hefei, And Tianjin

They’re not even trying anymore. Xinhua published a slideshow today of the “Top ten happiest cities in China,” according to a CCTV survey, and the list goes: 1. Lhasa, Tibet 2. Taiyuan, Shanxi 3. Hefei, Anhui 4. Tianjin 5. Changsha, Hunan 6. Hohhot, Inner Mongolia 7. Shijiazhuang, Hebei 8. Jinan, Shandong 9. Yinchuan, Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region 10.... Read more »

This Is Probably The Ugliest Dressed Dog You’ll Ever See

Yes, this is ANIMAL
ANIMAL, it says. That’s the best part. Hello — yes, this is ANIMAL. This picture is part of a collection via Xinhua called “Beauty pageant of dogs.” (There’s something Xinhua isn’t telling us, I’m sure.) Animal has absolutely no fashion sense, but what about this one here…

A “Sandy-Beach & Swimsuit Culture Exposition” Began Yesterday, And Of Course Xinhua Is On Top Of It

Is that a conch?
We’re not sure what this “2nd China International Sandy-Beach & Swimsuit Culture Exposition” is, nor have we heard of Huludao, Liaoning province, which is hosting this expo that began yesterday and lasts until Sunday. We only know what’s in the photos, and that Xinhua put them on its website, because of course it would.

Xinhua Does Not Cease To Amuse: “Happy Moments Of Overweight People”

Xinhua's take on overweight people
Xinhua‘s efforts to be your uncle’s uncle’s version of Buzzfeed continue. Are media outlets still identifying Xinhua as “the official press agency of the People’s Republic of China”? Yes? OK, just making sure. Here are a set of pictures published on the official press agency of the People’s Republic of China’s website yesterday. Samples:

Oops! Xinhua: “New Round Of Downfall To Hit Beijing” – Perhaps They Mean The Mayor And Deputy Mayor’s Resignation?

Xinhua headline
Our favorite government mouthpiece has flubbed again with the headline on its latest story (four-plus hours after its posting, it has yet to be changed). Ostensibly about a new round of rainstorms scheduled to hit this afternoon, Xinhua inadvertently draws our attention to the waves of negative reaction to the municipal government’s disaster response, a sampling... Read more »

Xinhua Launches “English Forum,” 50 Cent Party Members Cream Themselves

Xinhua forum comment
Xinhua’s English-language website launched something called “English Forum” yesterday, whereby registered netizens are “welcome to share your opinions about news from China and abroad, post new topics that you are interested in, and participate in all kinds of votings at the forum.” Hopefully no one has any illusions that this will be anything other than... Read more »