Joy, Hardship And Ultimate Frisbee: Ivan Xu’s Unique Ride Across Europe

2014 August- About to start the day to cycle in Nancy France
Back in June, we brought your attention to the adventures of Ivan Xu, a Chinese youth who planned to bike alone around Europe for 100 days for Ultimate Frisbee and charity. He ended up cycling across 14 countries and visiting 11 high-level Ultimate Frisbee clubs* from June 18 to September 25, beginning in Brest, Belarus and ending in Berlin. His adventures have been profiled by media around the world, including CCTV-4,, Pärnu Postimees, Belarusian CTV, Russia-Belarus TPO TV and OHT TV, so what follows is hardly an exclusive. But here's an update anyway.

A Project Worth Your Attention: Ivan Xu’s Ride For Ultimate Frisbee And Charity

Iavn Xu featured image
In a recent discussion held as part of the inaugural Lean In Beijing Mentorship Event, a college student in my circle noted, “In China, it’s so difficult to stand out sometimes. We all pursue the same goals, we all do the same things, we all study hard and we all have similar experiences and ideas. In order for us to stand out and be unique, I really think we have to be unafraid to be different.” It’s true, especially in a country of 1.4 billion people. But it’s not common to see young Chinese doing what's necessary to stand out: pushing themselves to their limits and going beyond their comfort zone. Which is why Ivan Xu's project, the Ultimate Ride, is interesting:

Hail The Size Of Golf Balls Terrifies Hongkongers [UPDATE]

Hailstorm in Hong Kong 2
Being from Hong Kong, storms no longer faze me. But hailstones the size of golf balls? That's a different story. An upscale mall in Kowloon Tong recently had its windows smashed by hail, and certain subway stations were flooded; planes were diverted, containers at our ports were blown sideways... what a way to end a weekend of Rugby Sevens! (Which New Zealand won, by the way.)

Watch: Samaritans Team Up To Pull Three Students Out Of Frozen Lake

Hebei frozen lake rescue
Around 3:20 pm on Sunday in Tangshan, Hebei province, a woman named Ms. Cheng was exercising in Nanhu Park when she saw some teenagers playing on a frozen lake. She and her exercise partner, Mr. Liu, were about 15 meters from the shore when the ice suddenly cracked, swallowing up the young revelers.

Confirmed: Beijing And Shanghai Airports Are World’s Worst For Delays

Beijing airport 1
The Wall Street Journal revealed on Friday that China's airports are the world's worst for flight delays. "According to FlightStats, which tracks airport statistics, Beijing’s airport ranks dead last among the world’s top 35, with fully 82% of flights failing to leave on time," WSJ reported. "Second worst was Shanghai, at 71%." Numbers, numbers. We could link to a string of posts from our archives with picture and video evidence, but none of it will feel as real as our memories -- after all, we've all experienced the particular nightmare of flying in China.

Disgraced Author Ping Fu Almost Apologizes (Again) For Memoir Inaccuracies

Ping Fu
We wrote about Ping Fu earlier this year when she was called out for lying in her memoir, Bend, Not Break. It looks like the author is in the news again, giving an interview with SCMP in response to a lawsuit threatened by Soochow University, Fu's alma mater, along with some of her former classmates who remain upset over the "falsehoods" in her book.

Ping Fu Is Latest Memoirist Caught In Web Of Exaggeration And Mistruth

Ping Fu
We’re all suckers for a good story. In recent years, we’ve seen the authors of too-good-to-be-true memoirs exposed (James Frey, Greg Mortensen, etc.), and now we’re seeing this with a notable businesswoman from China. In Bend, Not Break, Ping Fu details her eventful life. During the Cultural Revolution, she was separated from her parents at age 8,... Read more »

A Woman Named Sara Jane Will Teach You Royal British Etiquette For The Low Price Of 10,000 Pounds

Sara Jane Ho
A Hong Kong-born, British- and Harvard-educated woman, Sara Jane Ho, is opening a school of etiquette, the Institute Sarita, in the Park Hyatt Beijing. Price? Only £2,000 to £10,000 (about $3,140 to $15,700). Would you pay this much for, according to Daily Mail, “lectures on how to use a knife and fork properly, how to... Read more »

China Will Be Seeing A Lot More Of Manchester United After Latest Sponsorship Deals

Man U fans in China
Manchester United recently announced sponsorship deals with two Chinese companies, Wahaha and China Construction Bank (CCB), the latter of which will produce Man U-branded credit cards. Considering China is one of the largest growth markets for any business, it’s no a surprise that the 134-year-old club is looking to strengthen its presence here. There are... Read more »

The Significance Of Today, 2013-01-04

Love you a lifetime
For many of us who observe China’s public holiday system, today’s the first day of work in 2013. But for many others in China – especially romantics – today’s significant for another reason: it’s “Love You a Lifetime” day. It’s not officially recognized anywhere, but today just sounds significant. In Mandarin and Cantonese, 2-0-1-3-1-4 sounds like “爱你一生一世”... Read more »

Watch: Successful Women In The PRC Look For Love

Successful Women In The PRC Look For Love
When I was about 13, a male family friend told me, “Because you’re a girl, and I know you like to study [which is ironic, because I actually didn't], I’m just offering some words of advice to you now – you don’t need to invest so much time or effort into your education because when you grow up, you’ll realize that your husband won’t like it if you’re too smart, too successful or too strong.”

Backing Van Nearly Kills Small Child, Driver Then Flees

Backing van nearly kills child featured image
In Taiyuan, Shanxi province on August 18, a 6-year-old boy called Wen Wen was playing in the parking lot outside his family’s fast-food restaurant when he was hit from behind by a minivan. But not hit, per se -- the van passed over him as he fell forward onto his knees and elbows and curled up into just the right size to avoid death. The vehicle continued to reverse...

This Woman Is The Luckiest And Worst Driver Alive [UPDATE]

Worst driver alive featured image
In the early hours yesterday in Nanjing, a fashionable sexy lady by the name of Ms. Xu, shown in the video wearing only black booty shorts, a tiny black top, and what must be five-inch-heels, was seen crawling out of the window of her car after she hit a railing and her vehicle flipped on its side. Xu says she was trying to avoid a taxi that was merging into her lane when she swerved. The accident is still being investigated, but police are already considering the length of her heels as a cause.

Homemade Lamborghini In China Dubbed “Most Awesome Sports Car Ever”

Homemade Lamborghini
By Alicia This “Lamborghini” made with spare parts from other cars and steel pipes is the ultimate passion project. Wang Jian, 28, from Siyang, Jiangsu province reportedly spent 60,000 yuan to construct this life-size replica model of the classic Italian sports car (maybe the Gallardo?), and slapped on the license plate “王NB0001” (the character is... Read more »

Someone Made A Batcycle With Spare Parts And Exercise Equipment

We’re guessing this video was taken in Vietnam, but given we found this on Youku and here at BJC we’re amused by all quirky and homemade inventions, we thought we’d share this clip of a guy riding his own version of a batmobile… although it appears this vehicle is simply made from exercise equipment, bicycle... Read more »

Asian Mother Viciously Belittles Son For Getting Math Question Wrong

Crazy Asian other featured image
As Louis CK says in one of his shows, children can be assholes (and “buckets of disease”). But is it worth screaming “kill you” at them for getting a math problem wrong? This video’s a bit old, from two years ago, but it recently went viral and found new life on Viral Viral Videos. Forget Amy Chua; it’s Asian mothers like this who give Asian moms a bad rep.

The Pearl Of The Orient 40 Years Ago: A Hong Konger Reflects

HK cramped quarters
By Alicia Business Insider has published a 33-photo slideshow of photographer Nick DeWolf’s work called “What Hong Kong Looked Like 40 Years Ago,” and it’s hard for me to believe that these were taken only a decade before I was born. Hong Kong looked so different, yet familiar. Seeing these, I feel a twang of nostalgia for the things... Read more »