The Situation Is Excellent: The Week That Was At Beijing Cream

June 18 – June 24

Porn, porn, sex, and more porn. Someone in Henan pulled the greatest prank of the year when he hooked up porn — 20 minutes of it — to a public big-screen attached to a mall. A Chinese man was detained possibly for downloading porn, which is ridiculous. Here’s a nude beach in Sanya, cleverly disguised. Stephon Marbury follows porn stars on Twitter — granted, other professional basketball players do as well, but Starbury’s a favorite of this blog, since he plays in Beijing. A man ejaculated on a woman in the Shanghai subway.

Oh, yes, and SEX MUSHROOMS – now the most-viewed story of all-time on this site.

It wasn’t all porn and scantily clad ladies this week, however. Hu Jintao did something, and state media gushed for absolutely all the wrong reasons. A Changchun bus driver ignored frightening chest pains to continue performing her duty. Didier Drogba announced on his website that he’s coming to Shanghai, and apparently SlamBall is coming as well.

This past week was one of riots, too. Here’s video of a short-lived but angry protest in Guangzhou after a Nigerian died in police custody, and here’s a bunch of rowdy Guo’an fans destroying a Jaguar just because it was from Tianjin.

On the lighter side of the news: a monkey messes with a monk, a dad drags a toddler in a plastic crate, and 5,000 ducks cross the road. Just another week in China.

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