The Chinese In America: This Poet-Ping-Pong Champion Is Awesome

Chinese poet ping pong champion featured image
His name is Xue Di, and according to the Providence Journal, he is a dissident Chinese poet who has been "the league champion at the Rhode Island Table Tennis Association in Manville" for 10 straight years. How do we start listing the ways in which this is awesome? With his voice, which rises a few octaves when he gets excited? With the fact that this video is entirely about ping pong? Read more »

Guangdong Coach Captured On National TV Telling His Players To Intentionally Hurt Beijing’s

Stephon Marbury and Zhou Wei
Jon Pastuszek over at NiuBBall has added an incredible detail in a post titled “Beijing-Guangdong Game 1: The night the CBA was at its best and worst” (first uncovered among English-language China blogs by China Sports Review): Yet the most amazing was that [Guangdong] Coach Li, a man who has won seven CBA championships, was the one... Read more » Read more »

Did Youku Just Censor BJC’s Marbury Video?

Youku censorship
At the 52-second mark of this Youku video, which accompanies yesterday’s post titled “Watch This Dirty, Dirty Foul On Stephon Marbury, Followed By Some Shithead Telling Him, ‘Fuck You,’” one hears a sudden crackling sound before the stream suddenly stops. It doesn’t start again until the 1:45 mark, after China national-team member Su Wei has stopped... Read more » Read more »

This Is Not Pornographic

Porn statue
Ah who am I kidding, it totally is. Shanghai Daily reports: SCULPTURES in a Pudong hotel that were covered up after being branded pornographic are going back on display – though with the most revealing given a lower profile. The five artworks at the Jumeirah Himalayas Hotel Shanghai depict the naked figures of a muscular... Read more » Read more »

Game 1 Of The CBA Finals Between Beijing And Guangdong In Its Entirety

Game 1 Of The CBA Finals Between Beijing And Guangdong In Its Entirety
The CBA employs a 1-2-2-2 finals format, meaning the team with the worse record starts Game 1 at home. Theoretically it leads to longer series, but that's incumbent on the home team actually winning Game 1. Beijing, as the heavy underdogs against the four-time defending champs, was in a must-win situation on Wednesday, playing for the first time at Olympic-quality Wukesong. Embedded above and after the jump, you'll find the game in its entirety. Read more »

That Asshole Drake: Could A Night At GT Banana Possibly End Well?

Drake Moreau
When I came to, a Chinese girl was the only thing that stood between me and five Chinese guys. They had a certain glare in their eyes, I remember. Like Kujo. A rage that was nearing its apex, which, if reached, would spill over and spell the end of me. As I think back on that moment now, what comes to mind is an amazing song from the amazing movie Mulan: “You must be swift as the coursing rain (Be a Man!), with all the force of a great typhoon (Be a Man!), with all the strength of a raging fire (Be a Man!)…” I think that about sums up what was going through my head. Read more »

Watch This Dirty, Dirty Foul On Stephon Marbury, Followed By Some Shithead Telling Him, “Fuck You”

Marbury and Su Wei featured image
Youku video for those in China after the jump. [UPDATE, 3/23: Did Youku just censor my video? Embedded below is now the video on][UPDATE 2: Well fuck, and Tudou have rejected my video as well. Hang on while I find a host that doesn't employ censors bored as shit and behaving like craven... Read more » Read more »

Poetic Prose On Chinese Silkworms, Specifically The Torture Of

Silk worm eggs featured image
"But now is when the Chinese torture comes in, so if you're squeamish, close your eyes now..." Read the video description after the jump. You might think "poetic prose" is a generous mischaracterization, but I say: anyone who can make me laugh out loud with the words, "All I could keep thinking about were those poor silkworms in that boiling water!" is a-okay by me. Read more »

Ever Wonder What Kind Of Pictures Are In A Chinese Gangster’s Phone?

I love my money
Wonder no more. Via Reddit (h/t E), here is a gallery of pictures (excerpted after the jump) supposedly from a “Chinese gangsters phone” [sic]. The images are timestamped August 2010, and according to Reddit’s eagle-eyed commenters, one of the cars has a Tianjin license plate. We don’t know anything else. The main character appears to... Read more » Read more »

Honda’s Commercial Featuring “Foreign Language Couple” (Psst… It’s Chinese)

Honda's Commercial Foreign Language Couple
Less racist than Hyundai's commercial, some would say. Although really, Hyundai's commercial is not racist. Let's chill a bit with the R word, alright? The term has begun to lose meaning due to overuse. American culture almost has to invent new ways to differentiate between different levels of racism, kind of like what Inuits do with snow. We're basically at the point where "Chink in the armor" seems to be America's baseline racism, which is a shame, because I think that designation should belong to something like, "Get off my lawn you squinty-eyed squarehead." But as is, real racism now has to be designated "racistest" (or something), and a comment like "Asians are good at math" is "raci"... instead of, you know, true. Read more »