Here Is A Bunch Of Hot Women In Bikinis

Sand isn't really all that sexy
I’ve made you wait long enough. After the jump you’ll find the promo video for the 37th Miss Bikini International 2012 along with more pictures. Who cares if there’s a chance they’re all Russian? The Miss Bikini International Pageant seems to have an official-looking website (, but it’s hard to navigate, probably because it was designed for... Read more » Read more »

Two Dunks In Particular Made Sunday’s Beijing-Shanxi Game Kind Of Awesome; Also: Marbury’s Tears Of Joy

Two Dunks In Particular Made Sunday’s Beijing-Shanxi Game Kind Of Awesome
Stephon Marbury has had his rebirth, his redemption, and now his catharsis -- in the form of a good, long cry. In the waning moments of Sunday's Game 5, which saw Beijing oust Shanxi to claim its first CBA finals appearance in its 17-year history, cameras appeared to catch Marbury shedding a few tears on the court. But it was in the tunnels afterwards -- the bathroom, to be precise -- that he really broke down, crying "like a young child," according to the TV journalist in the next video. He then embraced his head coach. When he finally composed himself to talk to the assembled media, he said, "Man, this is the best feeling I ever had playing basketball." Read more »

Yishus: Who Critiques The Critics?

How interesting
Via Learn to Art Asked why she painted the mausoleum yellow – “This is wrong,” the Chinese art professor scolded – the foreign student at a top Chinese art school provided a thorough rejoinder defending the logic behind her aesthetic choice. The girl’s translator relayed the information to the professor. The next second, the student... Read more » Read more »

Live-Blog Of Tonight’s Shanxi-Beijing Game 5

Shanxi vs. Beijing Game 5
Some tickets for tonight’s deciding fifth game between Shanxi and Beijing are going for more than 10,000 yuan, according to CCTV’s courtside reporter. Security is at maximum. Don’t even think about taking in lighters, bottles or any miscellany that can be thrown (paraphrasing Stephon Marbury: Beijing is not Shanxi). Join us for our live-blog of the... Read more » Read more »

Mike Daisey Owes An Apology To A Lot Of People

Mike Daisey
Picture via Mark Gimein’s post at Bloomberg Businessweek in which he essentially retracts his original review: “Usually, ‘art’ is art and ‘journalism’ is journalism. When the two meet, it’s rarely on the same stage. An exception is the work of monologuist Mike Daisey.” Mike Daisey is not a China expert. This should be abundantly clear, because... Read more » Read more »

Every Anelka Touch In His Chinese Super League Debut (And Every Goal From The ‘National Derby’)

Every Anelka Touch In His Chinese Super League Debut
The most expensive player in Chinese soccer history made his belated Super League debut yesterday in Beijing after sitting out last week's CSL opener with a knee injury. About 51,000 people packed Workers Stadium to see it. Even without Anelka, the 33-year-old striker nicknamed "Le Sulk" during his time at Arsenal, the game probably would have drawn massive interest, considering it was the National Derby, played between hated rivals Beijing Guoan and Shanghai Shenhua, and it was Beijing's home opener. But Anelka's presence, at the very least, piqued the attention of international media. Read more »

Man Playing Real-Life Frogger In China Does Not Successfully Cross Road

Frogger with music featured image
The worst part about what happens here is you see it coming and you want to shout some warning to the guy, a simple "Wait!" or "Whoa there!" But there's no pause button in real life: it just happens, sometimes in slow motion -- the man hesitating, quickly glancing both ways to make sure he can at least clear the first couple of lanes; the slow-moving white van concealing the fast-moving white van on its (and the man's) blindspot; that final stride, a gallop of faith... Read more »

Dick Amateur, Who Follows China Daily, Also Now Follows Beijing Cream

Dick Amateur now following @beijingcream
To the proprietor(s) of @China_Daily: if you haven’t figured it out yet, I’m not asking for much. Feel free to keep following porn stars and backwoods neocons and horsey lovers and this guy here, Mr. Loverboy, all the while pumping out tweets such as “DPRK’s satellite launch plan ‘provocative’: US” and “Matchmaking pet owners... Read more » Read more »