Three Detained In France For Beating Up Chinese Students, Four Detained In China For Beating Up Frenchman

Anything you can do, we can do better?

We have resolutions, it seems, to two recent unrelated cases of assault that made the news.

In France’s wine-making region of Bordeaux, three youths were detained and charged on Sunday night for attacking six Chinese students the day before. The assailants were reportedly drunk and very racist; both Paris and Beijing condemned the incident.

While that was happening, a Frenchman was brutally beaten outside Bar 88 in Shanghai (at 4:15 am on Monday, to be precise). An eyewitness, Shawn Kregan, took the above video and speculatively told Shanghaiist, “It was just pure racism.”

China Daily is now reporting that it was “friction on the dance floor,” and not racism, that incited the conflict. “It’s just a civil case caused by a dispute on the dance floor,” a Shanghai Public Security Bureau spokesman told China Daily. “It has nothing to do with racism or the recent attack of Chinese students in southwestern France.”

In any case, four Chinese men have been detained, while a fifth suspect is being pursued.

    8 Responses to “Three Detained In France For Beating Up Chinese Students, Four Detained In China For Beating Up Frenchman”

    1. Chinese Netizen

      “Stand UP, if you hate the French, staaand UP, if you hate the French…”
      (as sung in the stands at the annual HK Rugby Sevens)

    2. garon

      Kind of funny, if for guys beat you in the west for a full minute there’s no way you’d be getting up so quickly. Weak Chinese.

    3. Baas in Xiamen

      Filthy nations both of them.

      Nice to see them kicking the shit out of each other.

      World’s overpopulated – and we definitely need less Chinese and Frenchmen.

      • Joao

        We definitely need more educated people like you. After, your tolerance and knowledge is unsurpassed by event the greatest, i.e., Einstein, Avicenna, and Tesla.

        • Baas in Xiamen

          We deffo need more sarcastic people.

          You fail in that department. Please collect your bullet, hand it to the man with the rifle, and get on your knees.


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