Twitter Trackback For Global Times: We Hardly Knew Ya

GT Twitter
By Eric Fish Last week I noticed Global Times began a new Twitter trackback feature. It displayed what tweeters were saying about articles right under the article itself. One of the first pieces this was used on was called “The truth about Tibet is slowly coming to light.” The article itself had a number of... Read more »

‘22,000 Kilometers’ And ‘18,000 Kilometers’ Are Bound To Become This Country’s Next ‘5000 Years’

Well shit, if it ain't Big Swingin' Dick,
The phrase “5,000 years,” which we’ve borrowed by way of parody to indicate “culture” on this website, is a ubiquitous catch-all response to anyone who disputes this country’s eminence, quality, or worth. It is used to indicate China’s uninterrupted history — 5,000 years of it, don’t you know? — though its appearance in conversation, in my... Read more »

Today In Global Times Erotic Panda Fiction

Panda - GT
From Global Times, partially: Giant pandas Gongzai and Yingying seem unusually excited. Gongzai wants Yingying to come down from the tree and he tugs and slaps his half-brother’s legs. They both fall on their fluffy bottoms and start wrestling in a ball of black-white fur. After the fun is over they walk away and begin... Read more »