“It’s Good To Sleep With Virgins”: A Global Times Editorial That Never Was

Global Times with flower 2
The information that follows was compiled by BJC editor-at-large RFH after a chat with the shadowy Tan Guan, whose position at Global Times is unknown. All views expressed below are to be... A certain article in a particular newspaper has caused some people on the Western Internet to debate so-called “virginity values." Yesterday, even the WSJ China editor chimed in on Sina Weibo: “How was a misogynistic article like this published?” this person asked.

Global Times Becomes First Mainland Paper To Launch Bilingual Edition In The US

Global Times in US
Describing it as a “popular Chinese daily newspaper,” Xinhua has announced that the Global Times is now available in the US, in both English and Chinese. Take that, China Daily! The Global Times said the U.S. edition would provide readers with sharp reporting and perceptive analysis. It seeks to cover world events from a Chinese... Read more »

Global Times Editor Hu Xijin Didn’t Know Fox News Existed Until Everyone Began Comparing His Paper To Fox News

Hu Xijin
Global Times editor-in-chief Hu Xijin made his first trip to India recently, and apparently he was so impressed with what he saw that he granted a rare media interview. Pramit Pal Chaudhuri of the Hindustan Times, the lucky interviewer, called GT a “voice of ultranationalism” in the resulting article, and revealed that contrary to misconception, Global Times... Read more »

Guess who hated Obama’s inaugural address more than American Reaganists

The East is Read
President Barack Obama has drawn basically positive reviews for his second inaugural address yesterday, but at least one person was not impressed. (Note: probably tens of millions were not impressed, but you can read the comments section to Hot Air and other sites devoted to the corpse of Ronald Reagan if you’re interested.) We’re talking... Read more »

Foreign-Run VPNs Are Officially Illegal In China, Apparently

VPN lock
This paragraph is simply THE WORST. It comes from Global Times, of course, in a story headlined, “Foreign-run VPNs illegal in China: govt” (emphasis mine): Residents in China have found logging into their Facebook and Twitter accounts increasingly difficult in recent days, after several popular VPN (virtual private network) companies have alleged that China’s Great Firewall (GFW)... Read more »

Global Times Chief Editor Hu Xijin Makes List Of “10 Most Horrid People Of 2012,” TAR Nation Rejoices

Hu Xijin wins due recognition
Despite censorship, the Chinese Internet is still capable of producing gem. On Sina Weibo, an Anhui-based user, @每周评论 wrote a short-lived post that identified the “10 Most Horrid People of 2012.” Hong Kong-based China Media Project tells us the post was deleted “sometime before 12:05 p.m. yesterday,” but not before they were to extract and translate... Read more »

In Global Times’s Poll, “Child Bikini Modeling Is ‘Beneficial’” Is In The Early Lead

Global Times poll
We’re not sure how long this poll is going to be up on Global Times’s English website’s main page — it’s not on the Chinese site – but go vote while you can. I actually am curious to see the final results. Only question: What is “Other”? Maybe something like, “Classless, but in a societal vacuum,... Read more »

Want To Be The Next Big Laowai In China? Global Times Is Here To Help [UPDATE]

Global Times next big laowai featured image
Want to be like the fellas above? The Global Times has launched a "Tongue Twister Contest for Foreigners," co-organized by Commercial Press and Chinese Universe. Those of foreign nationality are asked to submit videos of yourself saying Chinese tongue-twisters, which will then be judged from December 1 to 20. The top 20 will be selected for a "final vote," where "language experts" weigh in. The deadline to submit is November 30.

NetEase Compares Global Times Chief Editor Hu Xijin To Grass That Rolls With The Prevailing Political Winds

NetEase calls out Hu Xijin of the Global Times
We love ourselves a good zinger. Via China Digital Times’s “NetEase News Calls Out Global Times,” we’re introduced to the image of the fleabane, which CDT explains is “known as qiangtoucao (墙头草) or ‘wall-top grass’ in Chinese. Qiangtoucao also means ‘fence-sitter,’ someone who bends to the prevailing political or social winds to stay rooted.” Who could that possibly be applied... Read more »

Counterpoint To Today’s TAR Nation Column: Hu Xijin Is Not A Gelded Fuckwit, Pitiless Twat, Mop-headed Vagina Face, Or Painful Mole That Might Be Cancer

Global Times
As plain as rain, our columnist TAR Nation kind of dislikes Hu Xijin, the editor-in-chief of Global Times. But let us sing the human qualities of Hu Xijin, for one minute. Let us acknowledge Hu Xijin’s errors, while also acknowledging that to err is to be a child of God, which he is, and commensurately... Read more »

Global Times Olympics Journalist Tests Positive For Plagiarism [UPDATE]

Zhao Ran
By Beijing Cream Let’s talk about journalism and the Olympics. No, not the complete indifference given to China’s 96 Paralympics gold medals, but a more familiar problem: plagiarism. A former senior journalist at the Global Times is probably still wondering what the hell hit her, after being caught lifting material and inventing quotes – including a... Read more »

Is This Young Lady Really That Offensive?

Model for Euro
Jemimah Steinfeld, writing in Global Times, seems to think so. Let’s jump straight to her conclusion: “The Netherlands were quickly knocked out of Euro 2012. They weren’t the only losers. So long as women continue to strip to catch the attention of football players, we all are.” What about people who enjoy masturbating to pictures of... Read more »

Man Who First Intervened In That Infamous Video Speaks On Record, And Other Information [UPDATE]

Foreigner beat up
Global Times has followed up on the Xuanwumen incident from Tuesday evening and tracked down several witnesses, many of whom said police instructed them to not speak to media. GT was able to get one key witness on the record though: The first Chinese man in the film seen intervening is a 24-year-old man, surnamed Wu, a... Read more »