Ambulance Kills 6-Year-Old Boy In Freak Accident

This is weird and tragic rolled up in one. Watch as, at the 20-second mark, a young boy in red starts galloping alongside an ambulance that also happens to be accelerating. And then watch, at the 24-second mark, as the ambulance judders to a stop.

This next part is slightly disturbing: the young boy is dragged from out underneath the vehicle, which apparently ran him over. Nearly a minute later, the ambulance driver turns on the sirens and speeds away with the injured boy.

This happened on Sunday in a Wenzhou, Zhejiang province residential neighborhood, according to microblogger @路人大猛羽, via Xinhua. The boy was pronounced dead that afternoon.

A reporter later learned that the boy’s grandmother is apparently a janitor who works inside the residential compound. She was locking up when her grandson ran off, according to an eyewitness surnamed Xu. Tragedy then struck.

According to another witness, the boy may have dropped his toy in front of the ambulance’s right wheel.

Authorities are currently investigating the incident.

Ambulance kills 6-year-old

    3 Responses to “Ambulance Kills 6-Year-Old Boy In Freak Accident”

    1. marme

      This just shows how useless ambulance drivers are in china. They dont even do any basic medical evaluation of him. They just let the women pick him up and get in. He most likely had a punctured lung and internal bleeding and could not breath. Of course he will die if before he made it to hospital but if china actually trained the ambulance drivers in medicine then they could intubate him to get him breathing and insert a shunt into his chest cavity to drain the blood which is simple procedure an EMT in most western countries could do which give them plenty of time to make it to hospital to get into surgery


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