Woman Killed In Shanghai Supermarket By Runaway Trolley

We’ve never heard of death by shopping cart before, but two days ago in Shanghai, a man brought his own shopping cart to a supermarket, the kind that doesn’t lock into the teeth of reclined moving walkways, and the result was fatal.

The cart was loaded with 15 boxes of soft drinks when it began sliding down an escalator, at the bottom of which was a woman in her 60s. The force of the impact sent the woman flying six to seven meters into the corner of a wall. She immediately lost consciousness and could not be revived at the local hospital.

Shanghai’s Jiading District police are reminding folks to leave their personal trolleys at home. The carts at supermarkets are specially designed to not slide down inclines, because mass times acceleration, etc.

The Jiading case is currently under investigation.

(H/T Reddit)

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