Django Unchained Will Not Be Showing In China After All [UPDATE]

Django Unchained censored by SARFT
Django Unchained has officially been pulled out of every mainland Chinese theater. We first reported earlier today that authorities abruptly shut down the movie’s Beijing premiere, but at least those in attendance at the Sanlitun cineplex got to see one minute of Quentin Tarantino’s revenge flick. Elsewhere in China, the movie never made it to... Read more »

Asian TV Stations Confuse Margaret Thatcher For Queen Elizabeth II, Meryl Streep; Plus Other Reactions, Tributes

Meryl Streep and Margaret Thatcher
All white people look the same -- paunchy with yellow hair -- so the news that a pair of Asian television networks committed two separate Thatcher-related mix-ups during their coverage of the former British Prime Minister’s death on Monday at the age of 87 should come as little surprise. The first, Taiwan’s CTi Cable, broadcast footage of Queen Elizabeth II greeting well-wishers instead of Thatcher. Like Lady Thatcher, Queen Elizabeth II is an 87-year-old British politician. Unlike Lady Thatcher, however, Queen Elizabeth II is a different person and had well-wishers to greet.

13-Year-Old Girl In Critical Condition After Father’s Errant Cigarette Burns Down House

13-year-old saves mother suffers burns featured image
A young girl remains in critical condition in Dengzhou, Henan province after a house fire caused burns on 95 percent of her body. Yan Qianyu, 13, was injured when her father's lit cigarette triggerd a fire that completely ate up their home. Young Qianyu, instead of fleeing, reportedly searched for her, and as a result suffered awful injuries. Neither of her parents were seriously hurt.

China Actually Is Going After Fixed-Gear Bicycles (Not An April Fools’ Joke This Time)

China regulates fixed gear bikes
Alec Ash’s April 1 joke about fixed gear bikes being banned around the Drum and Bell neighborhood, that roost for Beijing hipsters, was closer to truth than we imagined. As Abe Sauer of Brand Channel points out in his recently published piece: China’s brewing war on fixies, the ubiquitous accessory of US hipster culture and an... Read more »

China Radio International Host Yan Yinan Dead In Apparent Suicide [UPDATE]

Yan Yinan
Yan Yinan, co-host of China Radio International’s daily program China Drive, died in an apparent suicide on Friday when she jumped off her apartment building, sources say. Some of her colleagues were seen crying inside the CRI office on Friday. A source said CRI management has emailed staffers asking them to keep news of Yan’s death... Read more »