Five Street Children, Huddling For Warmth In Dumpster, Die Of Suffocation [UPDATE]

Children suffocate in trash bin
A really sad story out of Bijie, Guizhou province: on Friday, five young children were found dead in a dumpster, apparently of carbon monoxide poisoning. Xinhua reports that “the boys were suspected to have suffocated as they tried to sleep in the dumpster to survive the cold night” — temperatures were around 6 degrees Celsius, with... Read more »

You’ve Been Warned: Hotpot Can Cause You To Catch On Fire

Alcohol hotpot
“Man ignited in hot pot inferno,” reads Global Times headline. The story: Firefighters have cautioned over the use of alcohol-fueled hot pot stoves, after a customer was seriously burnt in a fire caused when a waiter allegedly improperly topped up the fuel. A diner, surnamed Wang, was injured Friday when flames erupted from an individual... Read more »

Korean Students Rob Beijing Convenience Store, Charges Aren’t Pressed

Korean robbery
On Thursday, 30 student tourists from South Korea walked into a Good Neighbor convenience store in Beijing’s Chaoyang District and walked out with 1,700 yuan’s worth of snacks, cigarettes, and alcohol — without paying. The cashier, Ms. Huang, told local media, “I was busy doing check-out, when I looked up, the shelves were empty, and goods were... Read more »

Kofi Annan And Yuan Longping Win The 2012 Confucius Peace Prize

Confucius Peace Prize
Great news, everyone. Kofi Annan and some Chinese scientist has won this year’s Confucius Peace Prize. Via Sina: Media coverage says former United Nations secretary general Kofi Annan and Chinese agricultural scientist Yuan Longping will share this year’s Confucius Peace Prize, said its organiser, the China International Peace Studies Centre. Awesome!! Hm. As Shanghaiist’s James... Read more »

Wheelchair Bomb In Henan Kills 1, Injures 9 Others

Wheelchair bomb
Here's something you only see in awesome TV shows. On Sunday, a man in a wheelchair in Tanghe County, Henan province blew himself up in front of a large shoe store, injuring nine people around him (no life-threatening injuries). Authorities are still investigating. The official write-up that was released to several news outlets is asking people to not listen to any rumors.

Security Officer Dies After Working 30 Consecutive Hours Preparing For 18th National Congress

Shenyang officer's wife
The rapidly approaching 18th National Congress has claimed is first victim. Ren Changlin, 53, suffered a heart attack during his 30th consecutive hour at his post at a security bureau in Shenyang, Liaoning province on October 30. He “threw himself into the work,” notes Shenyang Daily. There’s no indication that Ren was forced to work so... Read more »

The Gray And Green And Dystopic Smoke Of A Beijing Subway Fire

Beijing Subway Line 15
Construction on Beijing Subway’s Line 15 suffered a setback on Friday afternoon after an underground fire halted everything at North Xueyuan Road. Thirteen firetrucks and four firefighting squads were dispatched. No injuries were reported. Free More News reports via Beijing Fire Department that the cause is believed to be from damage of sewage pipes during... Read more »

Japanese Coast Guard Rescues 64 Chinese Sailors From Burning Freighter Near Okinawa

Japan rescues Chinese sailors
A Chinese cargo ship, the Ming Yang, caught fire last Saturday about 150 kilometers southeast of Okinawa and required assistance from rescue boats. Japanese rescue boats. All 64 seamen on board were rescued before 4 am, with only three suffering minor injuries, the coast guard said, according to South China Morning Post. China and Japan, of... Read more »

Bus Carrying 46 Students Drives Off Cliff, Killing At Least Four

Bus carrying 46 students
A bus carrying 48 people, 46 of whom were students on their way to Yongzhou’s Daxian county in Hunan province to take an exam, drove off a 30-meter cliff yesterday at around 5 pm in Yongzhou. Two students died instantly, and two more died after failed medical treatment. Three more are severely injured. Once again,... Read more »

The Worst Story You’ll Read Today: Seven-Month Pregnant Woman Beaten, Forcibly Aborted [UPDATE]

Jianmei abortion
[IMAGE - warning: very graphic, featuring an aborted fetus, laid Godfather-style, next to her injured mother.] This is disgusting, infuriating and frightening all rolled into one. An organization called Women’s Rights Without Frontiers learned from a China-based human rights organization, 64Tianwang (warning: graphic images), that a woman in Shanxi province (Ed’s note: Global Times says it’s Shaanxi) named Feng... Read more »